The Week: August 24, 2012

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Aug 24, 2012

It’s Friday. The last weekend of August is about to begin.

And while fall doesn’t technically start until the 21st of next month, let’s be fair: early September is fall. It is. The sun is shining, but I can feel a chill in the air. We can desperately cling to summer, but the weather has already made it known: the warmth is over, kids.

On the plus side, this means I can start eating pumpkin-flavored treats, right? While I scrounge some of those up, you enjoy these links:


This week, I was interviewed by Conde Nast Traveler! Check it out.


Amazing little ants with transparent abdomens become an array of colors when they eat bright sugar water. Phew.


See, people? This is why I buy those Forever stamps: The U.S. Postal Service is stuck with 682 million unsold Simpsons stamps.


I seriously can’t get enough of the new xkcd “What If?” site. In this installment, they answer the question of what happens when the entire world’s population gets together in one spot and jumps at the same time.


I give you the Pink Fairy Armadillo. Via the awesome Abe, who said it best: “I really want one.”


This article on Jezebel positively skewers a sexist Yahoo! article – and it’s an absolute riot to read.


While they might have made sense at one point, these old ads – which depict infants wrapped in cellophane, among other things – literally made my jaw drop.


Remember when I wrote about how we saw the arm of the Milky Way above Crater Lake, but I couldn’t capture on camera? Fortunately, NASA delivers.


A family of four is stranded at an airport for six days. Lesson learned: don’t fly with a group on buddy passes.


Blog reader Mandy just sent me a link to  the covers of all the magazines and books that appear in The Royal Tenenbaums. As a noted Wes Anderson devotee (I even went to visit the Tenenbaum house in Harlem), I geeked out.


Aaaand that’s it for me this week! I might be blogging from the road next week, if I can get my act together. Stay tuned.

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  • Mark Davidson

    I just saw from the interview that your last name is DeRuiter. Ruiter means ‘rider’ in Dutch, so Geraldine the Rider – an appropriate name!

  • Mark Davidson

    The old ads that made your jaw drop (mine too!), made me wonder which of today’s ads will be viewed in a similar way in the future.

    Monsanto on how genetic engineering will feed the world? Drinks with aspartame instead of sugar? Ads for many, many different medications? What else?

  • Andres Red.

    Wow I loved the Q & A with Conde Nast Traveler one of my favorite magazines. But I will tell you something I am still not budging I will not eat guinea pig hahaha.

  • About summer: I knooowwww. I feel the same way- its over! Don’t mention pumpkin flavoured treats… its too soon!!

  • Brian B.

    I have a friend whose wife is a flight attendant for an airline. He won’t even use her flight privileges anymore because they always get stuck. Buddy passes are great if you have a friend in the airline industry, but you have to be REALLY flexible in your travel plans. I feel bad for that family, but they either made a poor choice trying to use a buddy pass during summer vacation season or their “friend” that gave them the passes didn’t fully explain the rules to them.

  • OH wow that article about ‘beauty’, loves it! She is my hero.

  • kristen

    way to go you little globetrotter you….i’m insanely jealous…..!

  • Suzanna

    I’m with Brian B – I’m the wife of an aircraft mechanic & have flown standby many times & have given away buddy passes as well. Here’s the thing: the general public is under the impression that when flying standby you show up with relatively little knowledge about the flight, hoping to get on. This isn’t true. All of the airlines post the seat availability weeks in advance, with American Airlines ranking flights green (wide-open), yellow (use caution) or red (not a chance). I’m sure other carriers use a similar system. So you generally have a very good idea about making it onto any given flight. Yes, there are things that can change availability with no notice, mechanical issues, bad weather, etc. But again, you usually have a pretty good idea of how likely it is you’ll be on that flight. My take on this story is that 1. they were trying to fly WAY too many people on the passes and 2. no one did any homework to see what the flight loads looked like.

  • Marianne

    I am a Wes Anderson devotee as well. I get funny looks when I tell people that I felt the Royal Tenenbaums was the family feel good movie of the century. What a great find. Thanks for sharing.
    Moonrise Kingdom…genius!

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