The Week in Travel: February 5, 2010

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Feb 5, 2010

I hate to phone it in with a “wrap-up the week” post, but since absolutely everyone else does it, and I’m leaving for Great Britain next week, I figure you’ll forgive me.

Besides, this week was kind of nifty.

First off, Congrats to my hubby’s colleagues at Distilled, for the opening of their new U.S.-based satellite. They’ll also be taking over the consulting portion of SEOmoz, which everyone is crazy excited about, and of which I have a rudimentary understanding. But I’ll drink to anything.

And congrats to the lovely Lucy Langdon (formerly of Distilled) whose article just appeared on this week. I’m going to assume this means I know famous people from across the pond.

Oh, and the Chinese political activist who’d been sleeping in a Tokyo airport finally gets to go home and take a bath, which is nice. One can only hope he receives a warm welcome.

And speaking of warm – or not so warm – welcomes, thousands gathered in freezing weather to see whether or not that fuzzy little bastard could see his shadow (and, no, I’m not talking about Wolf Blitzer). According to Puxatawney Phil, we have 6 more weeks of winter.

Oh, and in the travel blogosphere:

Candice Walsh covers cathedrals with her usual potty-mouth. It’s fantastic.

The Oyster blog shares the 5 ways tourists get swindled in NYC. They forget to include the d-bags who act like they’re giving you directions, then hit you up for money.

JoAnna over at gives 7 tips for people taking their very first cruise. Helpful stuff, but she omits information about avoiding the Bermuda triangle, pirates, and old people who like to swing (and I don’t mean dance). I assume she’s got a follow-up article in the works.

Plus, I think Alaska Airlines might be messing with me. How else can you explain this?

And, perhaps my favorite happening of the week (and proof that, as I said, you should be nice to everyone because you never know who you might bump into), our friend Cindy Krum caught a cab on the Isle of Man … that was driven by our friend Will’s dad. Don’t say life isn’t amazing.

Because it totally is.

That’s all for this week, folks. I’ll be blogging sporadically from the U.K. for the next couple of weeks, while struggling to keep warm and dry.

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