The Week: January 16, 2015

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Jan 16, 2015

You guys. YOU GUYS. The playoffs are this weekend and the Seahawks are playing Green Bay. I know that this probably means very little to most of you, but it’s basically a defining moment in my marriage and if we can get through this weekend WE CAN GET THROUGH ANYTHING.

We’re actually both pretty psyched, because no matter who wins, one of our teams is going to the Super Bowl.

Unfortunately, it also means that I’ve spent the entire week reading NFL analysis and predictions, and I forgot that it was Friday, and that I have a round-up do. So better late than never, here’s the week that was:


The city of Bainbridge (just across the water from downtown Seattle) has banned cheese inside City Hall today in anticipation of this weekend’s football game. In response, a radio station in Milwaukee is refusing to play music by Seattle artists until after the weekend. THERE ARE NO WINNERS IN THIS FIGHT.


What if the Harry Potter books were all about Hermione and her struggles of being a witch in a wizard’s world? Answer: they would be totally awesome. Check out Hermione Granger and the Goddamn Patriarchy.


Last week, Boko Haram militants killed more than 2,000 people in Nigeria. So why isn’t the tragedy getting more news?


Allen Kurweil’s tale of how he finally tracked down his childhood bully is a rare read: it’s both painful and utterly compelling.


I sent Rand this comic, and he agreed that it’s our relationship in a nutshell.


Five-Thirty-Eight uses metrics to sort quarterbacks into ten different groups. Find out who’s an Elite, a Mixed Bag, or an Uh-oh.


You should probably read this for the title alone: “The Curious Case of The Sweaty Nipples.” (Bonus: it has a happy ending! I mean, not that kind. It’s totally SFW.)


It’s official: the U.S.’s new trade and travel rules with Cuba have gone into effect. The embargo isn’t officially lifted, and ordinary tourism is still banned, but it’s still enough to make me look up ticket prices to Havana.


Oh, hell no: this year Cadbury creme eggs are not only going to be more expensive in the U.K., but the U.S. version will have a different recipe than the one we’ve come to know and crave nightly. It’s like they want us to form an angry, chocolate eating mob.


Artificial Intelligence leaders sign a letter pledging that the field will not grow beyond humanity’s control. YEAH, RIGHT. The whole point is that it’s beyond our control. YOUR LETTER IS USELESS. #skynet


Aaaaand, that’s it for me this week. I’m off to hug my Cheesehead husband. Go HawkPack!



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  • Deb

    Hermoine brilliant…

  • About the whipping boy: I recently heard a very similar story on This American Life. Both of them had a particular that struck me, which is that the two bullies barely remember (or so they claim) their acts of cruelty towards other people.

    Having grown up as the gay kid in small town Italy, I’ve been bullied pretty ferociously and often think of that as something that defined me and my adult personality.

    Now, the idea that my bullies may not even remember who I am (or the pain they’ve caused) makes me homicidal. Which probably means I keep “losing” against them.

    • Everywhereist

      I totally understand the frustration – if someone is cruel enough to leave a lasting impression on you, the least they could do is REMEMBER their cruelty. Sending so many hugs to you. It’s so difficult to realize that bullying shapes so much of who we are now.

      I think you are absolutely brilliant and funny – so it’s nice to think that at least their brutality didn’t stop you from being amazing.

      • Just read this and blushed 😉 When I wrote that being bullied shaped who I am now I wasn’t thinking about trauma (although I guess there was some) but about growing up with the clear and unbreakable idea that empathy is a lot of work but is also the one thing that can save us. Like we Italians say: “Non tutti i mali vengono per nuocere”.

  • omg the Hermione thing… so much yes.

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