The Week: July 20, 2012

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Jul 20, 2012

Rand and I are back home this week (after a brief trip to Ashland) and I’m pleased to say that I’m feeling more and more like myself. Which is an interesting thing, especially considering that this week, “myself” is irrevocably changed: I became an auntie.

Yup. My brother spawned. Oy.

Jokes aside (and believe me when I say, THERE ARE MANY), I’m kind of excited beyond belief. I’m going to let the as-yet-unnamed little bugger watch R-rated movies and eat nothing but candy and fried food when we’re together. Then I’m going to tell him ghost stories and let him run around with his shoelaces untied. IT IS GOING TO BE AWESOME.

Oh, and you know what else is awesome? The links in my round-up. Enjoy.


Is there anything better than novelty Twitter accounts? I’m going to answer that question for you: No, no there isn’t. Specifically, the Honest Toddler account is a riot – even if you don’t have kids. (Oh, and this one is pretty clever, too.)

————— discusses one of the most disturbing McDonald’s ads in existence, and brings up an important question: do McNuggets have a death wish?


I am honored to be on Do It While You’re Young’s list of “10 Women Who Will Teach You How to Kick Ass at Travel and Life.” Seriously – HUMBLED BEYOND WORDS OVER HERE.


Apparently there’s a huge hole in Mars that might hold Martian life. There’s a “Your Mom” joke in there somewhere.


Whoa. In Washington state, you can register to vote via Facebook. Now if I could only get rid of those pesky ads.


These finalists from the 24th Annual National Geographic Traveler Photo Contest are absolutely breath-taking; no earthly idea how they select a winner from so many incredible entries.


Scandiknavery, blunch, and 10 other portmanteaus that didn’t catch on (for reasons that, really, are baffling. How have I gone this long without use of the word prostisciutto?). Via my amazing traveler-pal Jessica.


You know you want a plush spleen.


A creative researcher used a London Tube map to illustrate how life expectancy varies from station to station. Way to go, Oxford Circus!


CAN I GET SOME QUIET, PLEASE? The blaring noise of New York restaurants might be damaging the ears of servers and patrons alike.


Aaaaand that’s it for me this week. Now to go buy more presents for the little guy.

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  • Emily

    Speaking of novelty Twitter accounts, have you see The Universe?

  • Ho lee crap. I am totally getting the plush uterus! Mine will never be used so I should totally get a stuffed one!

    Congrats on the aunty thing. I love having kids I can borrow then give back. “Hey, I want to do touristy stuff in SF for the weekend, give me my two nephews!” It’s awesome. I also buy them stuff like drum sets and other annoying noise makers. I’m a good person.

  • Glad you enjoyed that cornucopia of fantastic words, G. I can’t understand for the LIFE of me why “alcoholiday” isn’t, like, THE word for every business trip/spring break/lost weekend. It boggles the mind.

  • Oh, and I just realized. You’re a gem and a half for linking to my site, cuz I’ve gotten a number of referrals from you today, but you neglected to post the link to the actual list of wacky portmanteaus. (Or, if the French are being picky – and when aren’t they? – portmanteaux.) I suspect people are left confused when they find no Scandiknavery or prosticiutto on my site.

    The list is here, y’all:

  • Kristina Cline

    I am so getting a plush spleen for my nephew, he doesn’t have one anymore. Its been a while and he would love to see one again.

  • Andi

    Love the link to the UCL (my university, yay) study on life expectancy based on London tube map. Really interesting!

    And congrats on becoming an aunt!

  • Having the sayso over othe people’s kids is great – here’s my granddaughters having breakfast Grandma style –!/ElaineAllkids/media/slideshow?

    on the other hand the youngest did complain that she didn’t get a proper breakfast 🙂

    ps really glad you’re on the mend

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