The Week: July 22, 2011

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Jul 22, 2011

It’s official: I’ve had it with Seattle, at least for the next few days (I need more than 78 minutes of summer). I’m off to Wichita (yes, Wichita) to see an old friend (and a new one). Rand predicts that it will be one of the most foreign experiences of my life. But really, how foreign can it be if I’m spending the weekend with Star Wars fanatics? So while I enjoy some overdue sunshine (in vast amounts), please enjoy these links.


It is entirely likely that most of the submission on Damn You, Auto Correct are fabricated. Whether that’s true or not, they’re still really, really funny. Check out the 15 most popular submissions from the last year. If you’re like me, you’ll be thankful your mother doesn’t know how to text.


I shouldn’t laugh about this. Speeding is dangerous, after all. But I’m sure the doctor had a good reason for going 88 miles per hour.


Simply, quirky, and only a teensy bit wasteful (but hey, it’s in the name of art, so it’s justified): check out drawings on paper towels.


A new level in counterfeiting: entire fake Apple stores are popping up in China. The only logical next step is a counterfeit Steve Jobs.


Some of the greatest voice actors of the last century, and a few of the creations they helped bring to life. I always thought that Winnie the Pooh and The Cheshire cat sounded alike!


It’s basically like The Terminal, but Canadian: Vancouver International Airport is having one of the most bizarre contests, ever. One lucky (term is subjective, mind you) winner will spend 80 days and 80 nights in the airport, recording and sharing a daily 90-second video story about their adventures. It’s only open to residents of British Columbia, which isn’t really that upsetting, because it sounds like a terrible gig. (via Legal Nomads)


Absolutely fascinating answer on Quora to the question, “What’s it like to be a drug dealer?”


Totally digging the retro pop art creations of Eric Tan. I particularly like his campaign poster for Back to the Future’s George McFly.


While it feels a bit gouache to whine about not having a book deal (seriously? If this is the biggest problem you have, THANK JESUS), Allison Robicelli’ rant/cookbook proposal is nevertheless giggle-worthy. Bonus: there is mention of cupcakes. (via @ChefReinvented)


I love a good bargain, but even I get a little jumpy when it comes to haggling. Check out these Bargaining Tips for the Non-Confrontational from Stephanie of Twenty-Something Travel.


The BBC polled Brits for their most hated “Americanisms”. While I agree with the stuff that’s grammatically incorrect and non-sensical, are we really getting chastised for using the phrase “Going forward”? Okay, fine, Britain. Going forward, we’ll try to use it less. (via @DeannaNMc)


Now where’s my sunscreen?

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  • One of the Americanisms is bi-weekly. It actually says “fortnight would suffice.” Hahaha! I will try that in my next meeting and see how it goes.

  • I so so so badly hope that Damn You, AutoCorrect is not fabricated. That shit kills me. I especially love the ones where someone tries to text ‘haha’ and instead it comes out ‘HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!’

    And the responder’s like, Dude. It wasn’t that funny.

  • Geoff

    I couldn’t say for sure, but I think the reason Doc Brown was going 88 was to activate the flux capacitor in order to get Marty back to the Under the Sea dance in 1955. Maybe he didn’t even see the speed limit sign…..

    • Matthew

      check the flame tracks. Doc Brown for sure

  • RiderWriter

    Oh, Lord, DYAC is where I go when I absolutely, positively must laugh until my sides ache and tears are streaming down my face. I also suspect that many of the entries are completely fabricated (ever heard of PROOFREADING, people?), but they are still hysterical. Fortunately this sort of thing will most likely never happen to me, since I am fanatic about reading and re-reading and reading AGAIN every word I produce, whether a text/email/blog comment/whatever, but I am also very glad my mother is about as likely to start texting as she is to spontaneously run a marathon in see-through stripper heels. (Note: Apologies for the shameless ripoff, DeannaMc – I thought that was BRILLIANT. :-))

    My husband and son will love the article about the fake Apple stores. They are both certified Mac Addicts. Put it this way: my son went to NYC on Wednesday with my mom (he’s staying with her at the Shore, as is my daughter, while their parents get to enjoy the marrow-roasting heat here in MO), and what do you suppose was the very first place he wanted to go? He called my husband from the store, and as much as DH loathes the very thought of New York (small-town KY boy, what can I say) he actually came out with, “I wish I was there.” The blasted Apple store is about the ONLY thing that would get him to the city.

    Have a great (?) time in Wichita. I’m afraid your poor little lily-white, not-accustomed to sun self is in for an extremely rude shock, given the recent weather in the Great Plains. Be careful!

    • Everywhereist

      Ah, the weather in the Great Plains is pretty intense. Fortunately, this little gal has traveled enough to know what she was getting into. I hauled my pasty white ass here with a mission: to get some summer. And I got it: concentrated into several 100-degree days. I am nothing if not efficient. 🙂

  • wichitagal

    you really are the everywhereist! a belated welcome to our wee city – i trust you are being adequately BBQ’d in both the sun and food sense. LOVE your blog, lusting after your life (one of Wichita’s main charms is a low enough cost of living to travel out of it fairly regularly :), and hope to see a few happy thoughts amid the inevitable mocking of my dear River City

  • Joy

    I’m with you on the similarities of Winnie the Pooh and the Cheshire Cat. I was most shocked to discover that my thinking that Yoda and Cookie Monster sounding alike was for a reason as well! This may disturb future airings of Star Wars…

    • Everywhereist

      Wait … Cookie Monster … Yoda … (BRAIN EXPLODES).

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