The Week: July 26, 2013

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Jul 26, 2013

This week wasn’t that different than any other. Anthony Weiner got caught sexting (again). I made a fool of myself on camera (again … but this time it was on the Huffington Post! In my defense, there was a really bad echo, so I heard everything I said with a 2-second delay … and that’s when I start looking insane). And I gathered together some links for you (again).

I hope you like them.


Macklemore performed on the roof of Dick’s Drive-In, effectively shutting down my neighborhood. I didn’t stand outside for hours waiting for the show, but I did fall asleep to sound of his music filtering into my home.


OMG. Zuckerberg thought his sales guy was 50 Cent.


The title says it all: Marvin Gaye’s isolated vocal track on “I Heard it Through the Grapevine” will give you chills. (via my friend Mike King)


Louis CK analyzes the bravery that women display when dating. (via the lovely Jessica Spiegel)


Pancakes Across America is an entire website dedicated to meticulously drawn illustrations of – what else? – pancakes. (via my wonderful friend Mary Alice)


This Quora thread on useful advice (that takes only a few minutes to master, but will be helpful for the rest of your life) is pretty damn awesome. Like crib notes for human existence.


Butterfly net. Hee.


On her sixteenth birthday, Malala Yousafzai (who was shot in the head by the Taliban last year for going to schooladdressed the UN. Her speech, about how every child deserves an education, is nothing short of incredible. 


If you are so inclined, you can also read a senior Taliban member’s rambling explanation of why the teenager was shot.


This story of a New York couple, the love they had for art, and for each other, is just beautiful.


I find this quite refreshing: the illusion of weight loss before and after photos. I’m going to take the author’s advice and enjoy a cookie, damn it.


Cat in a shark costume rides a Roomba that chases a small duck around. Via my friend Michael Hodson, who put it best: “The entire purpose of the Internet has now been completed.”


I’m off to L.A. this weekend to see my nephew, so Monday’s post might go up a little late. Hope that’s cool with you all.

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  • The cat on the Roomba pretty much made the rest of the internet irrelevant. So funny!

  • Ro

    Stuck working the night shift on a Friday night, wishing I was anywhere else and that Marvin Gaye clip … well, that just made everything alright!

  • Jessica

    Great input on the Huffington Post. There’s nothing better on a vacay than a carefree day for guests and hosts alike. Also, no delay-induced insanity noted.

  • Anisa

    Thank you so much for the cat on the roomba clip. It brightened up my boring work day.

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