The Week: June 15, 2012

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Jun 15, 2012

Rand and I have spent the last few days jumping around the coast – from Seattle to California to Colorado – and in the next few days, we’ll do the exact same thing in reverse – Colorado to California to Seattle.

It’s kind of like doing The Electric Slide, but on a very large scale. I think. (I don’t really know how to do The Electric Slide, but that site is AMAZING.)

While we’re off doing that, please enjoy these links.


An interesting question I never even thought to ask: When did the thumbs-up become the signal for hitchhiking?


Bizarre, a little creepy, and altogether fascinating: 1800s ghost mother photography.


These public-transportation-token-necklaces are amazing – and really similar to one I got at that Brooklyn Flea Market (plus, you don’t need to haul your butt all the way to NYC for one).


Through September, Burger King will be offering a bacon sundae. I am sufficiently horrified and intrigued.


I’ve been singing this ditty about online haters (lyrics completely not suitable for work) all darn week. My favorite line: “You wished me cancer/And misspelled cancer.”


Alfred Hitchcock, directing the MGM lion.


A fascinating look at how Facebook complicates relationships between estranged family members.


Positively swoon-worthy Community fan art.


Ari Seth Cohen takes photos of well-dressed New Yorkers and posts them online. But, unlike most fashion bloggers, his subjects are 60+ years old. His site is proof that with age comes fantastic style.


Why smarter people are more likely to make stupid errors.


Oh, and one more thing: Rand and I will be attending the Travel Bloggers Exchange conference this weekend in Keystone. Please come say hello. Rand will be speaking, and I will be wandering around in search of unattended baked goods. I forgot to pack business cards, but I can offer you piece of gum with my email address hastily written on it.

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  • Bree Sutherland

    I bought a Chicago CTA token necklace for my boyfriend several months ago. He couldn’t understand why anyone would want to wear one around their neck…and now he thinks I’m nuts! I am nuts, but not for that reason. I guess I should have just kept it for myself…

  • Made the mistake of watching the ‘Thank You, Hater’ video while drinking coffee. Snorting coffee up your nose while laughing fucking burns.

  • kokopuff

    Why on Earth aren’t YOU speaking? 🙂

  • Molly

    I totally concur. Where’s Rand’s travel blog?

    Also, I have had a bacon praline sundae in New Orleans, and it was divine. I’m never going to opt for the Burger King one, but at actual restaurants it can be a salty-sweet masterpiece.

  • Sloane

    That New Yorker article is so interesting! I keep thinking about it….though now I know that thinking is making me dumber.

  • Leah

    I read the New Yorker article and upon finishing it, immediately thought, “Geraldine would love this! I should share it!” Then I realized how overwhelmingly smart I must be to completely forget that I got the link from your post today in the first place. My IQ must be off the charts.

  • Advanced Style … wow … now I miss my gran.

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1) Sushi! 
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  • We have been incredibly lucky to stay at many beautiful hotels around the world (mostly thanks to generous conference organizers). But, #hoshiniya in Karuizawa almost certainly belongs in the top 3. Every detail is stunning here. It's almost sad to walk out of the resort! #randtookthis #randaldineselfie

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