The Week: March 21, 2014

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Mar 21, 2014

It’s Friday! I have a crapload of things to do, and thanks to the success of yesterday’s post, I now have an inbox full of requests to guest blog (I CAN’T TELL WHO IS JOKING AND WHO ISN’T ANYMORE). While I try to tackle the insurmountable task that is my email, you enjoy these links.


My friend Pam wrote a compelling, compassionate peace about when, as travelers, we should speak up, and when we should be quiet.


It’s National Puppy Day! Time to consider adopting a shelter dog (be they puppies, or simply puppies at heart). Or, if unexpectedly bringing home a dog would cause your husband to lose his shit because “OMG WE ARE NEVER HOME AND WHO IS GOING TO WATCH IT AND YOU DON’T EVEN REALLY LIKE DOGS”, then why not make a donation to your local animal shelter?


And here’s a little something for all you cat people out there. (via my buddy Geoff).


A collection of brilliant, never-used headlines. My favorite? This one.


How to wear out your toddler during a five-hour airport layover.


Journalism nerds, weep. The AP is now accepting “over” as a synonym to “more than.” Why don’t we just BURN THE ENTIRE STYLEBOOK WHILE WE’RE AT IT?


My buddy Zac has so many magical things hiding in the recesses of his blog.


Photographer Jena Cumbo’s “We Met on the Internet” project features couples who – you guessed it – met online. A beautiful reminder that love is out there – sometimes you just need to search for it.


What it’s like to bake like Wes Anderson.


Some more Anderson love for your Friday: Check out the “Centered” compilation, which showcases the director’s attention to detail and composition.


That’s it for me this week! See you all on Monday!



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  • TheOtherLisa

    Yesterday’s post killed me. Which is why I didn’t comment. I’m dead now, hope you’re happy. You Mrs. Rand you.

  • TheOtherLisa

    In addition, since I’m also not in a position to go out and adopt a new doggie, I took your suggestion for National Puppy Day and made a donation to my local rescue organization. Splendid idea Mrs. Rand and I thank you for it.

    Can I do a guest blog post about flavored mayonnaise?

  • Over is now more than!? Ugh. I will never accept that.

  • Alan

    The cat lovers link was the funniest thing I’ve seen for a while. I was crying by the end!! Thxs!

  • “Over” is now an acceptable synonym for “more than”?!?! Why didn’t they just announced the sky is pink and the moon is made of cheese? Everything I thought I knew has turned upside down …

  • I like your friend’s post about when it’s best to ‘keep quiet’ 🙂

    I spend half of the year in Thailand and have done for more than 10 years, and it’s amazing how many westerners feel the need to try to shove their views on Thais about a myriad of things they simply don’t understand.

    The Thais, thankfully, are very accepting very laid-back people, but they must find if offensive when westerners feel like sticking their oars in 🙂

  • Suzanne

    Hi Geraldine,
    I did it! I found your blog last summer and couldn’t put it down ever since. It was your post on the public sculpture, The Keeper of the Plains that got me. I grew up in Wichita, and now living in NYC sometimes miss the place I grew up, and find myself trying to learn more about it.

    I’m celebrating by sending in my first comment. I love your work, it has been awesome to start from the beginning and see your voice develop. My favorite post was about your journalism teacher and the element of surprise. Thank you for your wit and wisdom!

  • Suzanne

    Yes — I should clarify that I went back to the very beginning to read each of your posts. Today is the day I’m finally caught up to the present. No more descent lolling about with a dozen great unread posts of yours to hand. You’ll have to write that book!

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