The Week: May 2, 2014

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May 2, 2014

This week in Seattle has been positively gorgeous. We’re having a spring heatwave, which happens approximately never. It’s been amazing and also really confusing, because I keep grabbing a cardigan when I leave the house, even though there’s no way I could need it (sometimes I wear the cardigan anyway, though, just to … prove a point?)

Apparently the sun will vanish for the weekend, and according to the weather report, we probably won’t see it for a few weeks. But honestly, I feel like the last few days might hold me over until summer. Almost.


Need to get the creative juices stirring? Researchers suggest going for a walk.


Environmental activist and entrepreneur Rob Greenfield went a year without showering. (It’s not as gross as you’d think. Not at all. It helps that Greenfield is kind of a dish.)


This is positively delightful – filmmaker Simon Smith took video of London from 1914, and spliced it with contemporary footage of the city. I squealed when a car from 1914 looked like it might hit a modern-day pedestrian.


[To heckler] “Hey, I don’t come down to where you work and expose the bureaucratic machine in which you’re embedded as the dehumanizing monolith it is.” (Courtesy of Kafka’s Joke Book)


Forgive me, but this is so cute, I must use all-caps: THIS IS A VIDEO OF A HAMSTER EATING A TINY BURRITO AND IT IS GREAT.


An interesting Quora thread on why the desire to travel internationally is so low for Americans (note: I don’t actually agree with the question’s assumption – I think that a lot of us would love to see more of the world – it’s just not that feasible).


The cast for Star Wars VII was recently announced, along with the unfortunate revelation that there are virtually no women in the movie. Sigh. Another sci-fi sausage fest it is, I guess.


Mean Girls just turned 10 (wait, what? I think Rand and I went to see that in the theater together. Dear god). Richard Brody on why the film is a classic.


Is it Math or Maths? An American linguist in England attempts to tackle the question.


Bob Hoskins died this week. I remember finding his tough-guy characters and American accent so convincing, I was shocked when I first learned he was English.


That’s it for me this week, folks. If you’ve got sun in your corner of the world, go out and enjoy it.



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  • Vks

    I sort of agree with the international travel article. I want to travel abroad, but I feel like there are SO MANY THINGS I haven’t see in the continental US, I should try to see some of that before flying all around the globe.

  • When I found out Bob Hoskins died I immediately went check if Danny DeVito is still alive, as a reflex.

    I then rewatched Mermaids, of which I know entire dialogues by heart.

    That’s it. End of the mourning process.

  • Damn you, Abrams! He’s rebooting a series. He has the chance to add some awesome kickbutt female characters. And we are given one woman in the cast, well two if you count Leia but who knows what kind of part the originals will have. One woman. Sigh.

    I loved Bob Hoskins as Smee. Loved Hook in general which may make me uncool. Ah well.

  • Kate L.

    I was excited, when “reading” a visual encyclopedia of Star Wars characters with my (then 6-year-old) nephew, to see that Mon Mothma – the only woman in command other than Leia in the original trilogy – went on to be President of the New Republic. I don’t know the timeline for the Star Wars future, but the new cast info brought the realization that I’d been hoping to see that portrayed. Sigh – here’s hoping that this will improve as the trilogy continues …

  • I landed in Seattle last Thursday and it was positively gorgeous (sun out and terribly hot temperature – coming from Toronto, CANADA, +18C is considered “terribly hot”). We then drove to Vancouver and came back to Seattle on Sunday to a typical Seattle weather… but, even with all the rains and unpredictable weather, you live in an AMAZING city! I had such a great time and it was so hard to leave yesterday 🙁

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