The Week: November 16, 2012

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Nov 16, 2012

I am ridiculously proud of my friends this week. So many of them are changing the world in wonderful ways (be warned. I’m about to use the CAPS LOCK. A LOT.) Ahem.

My friend Erica is officially a published author, for the second (or is it third?) time. AND HER BOOK IS ALREADY SOLD OUT ON AMAZON.

My pal Will spent last night sleeping on the streets of Philadelphia to raise awareness about homeless teens in his town. He raised $10,000 for the cause. Oh, and yesterday he was also honored as Philly’s Small Business Person of the Year. (Note to self: DO MORE WITH YOUR LIFE.)

And today, the Best (wo)Man from our wedding is graduating from culinary school. A passion that she decided to pursue AFTER SHE GRADUATED LAW SCHOOL (and worked for the Attorney General of Washington state for a few years). #badass

They’re awesome. And I feel absurdly lucky to know them all.

With that, here are this week’s links. Enjoy.


For seven decades the price of a bottle of Coca-Cola remained the same: a nickel. Here’s why.


My husband sent me a link to The Hater’s Guide to the Williams and Sonoma Catalog, saying, “I laughed so hard I cried.” So did I.


And speaking of tears, if any of these Star Wars sequels were actually made, I might cry.


Tim Flach’s animal portraits are absolutely spell-binding. My favorite might be this oddly proud and utterly naked rooster. (Via my pal Kelsey, who’s a pretty phenomenal photographer in her own right.)


I’ve already included a scathing review of Guy Fieri’s Time Square restaurant in a previous round-up. But this one from The New York Times takes the cake. It’s so bad, I actually want to visit this place.


I just found another reason to my love my hometown: The East Wallingford Hot Tub Association (It’s “semi-fictitious.” An adjective which I am totally going to use from now on.)


Artist Berndnaut Smilde has managed to create clouds indoors. I want to run through one very, very badly.


There’s poetry in what Google suggests. Literally. (Via the brilliant and oft-poetic Jodi Ettenberg.)


Really digging the work of hand lettering artist Sean McCabe. And thinking that maybe I need to work on my handwriting, just a weensy bit.


Amazing. XKCD predicts the year when past historical events and cultural touchstones will no longer personally resonate with the population. By 2019, most Americans will be too young to remember the Challenger explosion. (I think I need to lie down for a moment.)


Layered Pumpkin Cheesecake with Nutella Swirl. I .. I … (faints)


I’ll be back on Monday for a short week (next Thursday is Thanksgiving here in the U.S. That’s when we eat football, watch turkey, and give thanks for our catachresis.) Have a great weekend, folks. Do something that would make me proud.



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  • Rosey

    Tell your husband thank you for the Williams Sonoma link. That was beyond hilarious. The waffle batter dispenser comments are my favorite 🙂

  • Christie

    I love the Williams Sonoma link. After spending an excessive amount of time there shopping for a wedding this past June, I ended the excursion with a few tears and lots of exasperation. I believe my parting comment was, “Well, I can’t afford to buy a gift for this wedding, guess I’m not going.” (Still went, but they got towels, not a something-something-something pot.) It is a relief to hear that I am not alone in my minimal appreciation of this trinket store.

    Other bizarre catalogs, Jack Spade… apparently the previous resident of my apartment was much more trendy than myself…

  • Delly

    The NY Times review of Guy Fieri’s place was epic. “Ruth Bourdain” had a few additional questions for him: (My favorite – “You have been seen wearing sunglasses on the back of your head. Do you or do you not have an extra set of eyes?”)

  • Stef

    Everything on XKCD’s list is known to me. Sigh. Yet another indication that I’m no longer young :-/

  • Awwww. Thanks. 🙂

    (And 2nd time.)

  • Apparently Guy Fieri believes he’s being attacked. I didn’t watch the video. I didn’t have to.

  • Andi

    On behalf of myself and my coworkers (it’s a very slow day at work), we thank you for that Williams & Sonoma article. Hilarious.

  • Janet T

    As someone who has spent quite a bit of time making fun of the items for sale in the WS catalog, I really appreciated this link. The Panini spatula has always been a favorite target of mine.

    And the cheesecake link I forwarded to my daughter saying LETS MAKE THIS!
    I guess your all caps virus is contagious

  • The XKCD list resonated. I saw the movie Argo last week surrounded by college students and realized that I was probably one of the few people in the theater who remembered the Iran hostage crisis as current events—back in the day. And those huge eyeglasses. I wore those!

  • Elise

    I live in Australia so I’ve never heard of Williams Sonoma before, but so help me I laughed so hard till I cried. I did.

  • Gretchen

    Decided to peruse the W/S magazine ad, and also laughed until I cried, at work. My co-workers now thing I am insane.

  • Everyone is changing but not most of the time in good ways.:)

  • Suzanne

    OMG I laughed so hard at the Williams-Sonoma link that I am crying and people are coming into my office to see what all the fuss is about. Awesome!

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