The Week: November 2, 2012

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Nov 2, 2012

It’s November. Or Movember for those of you out there growing mustaches in order to raise awareness about men’s health issues.

My husband has decided to participate; he won’t be growing a mustache (as that could have serious negative ramifications on our marriage) and instead will simply be regrowing the beard  he shaved off for Halloween.

In the meantime, there is a very handsome stranger in my bed. I’m going to go make out with him now. You enjoy these links.


Perhaps the best film synopsis, ever. (At first, I thought they were talking about The Hunger Games.)


Back in journalism school, one of my professors (a man by the name of Don Pember –  he told delightful anecdotes and had a sense of humor drier than the Sahara) taught me that emotional stories tell themselves. You don’t need to add flowery language or use a heavy hand – you simply need to lay out the facts. This story, about a Holocaust survivor who has tailored suits for several presidents, does just that.


Since I shared a fake photo of a storm over Manhattan on the Everywhereist Facebook page (YES, I know. I’m a gullible fool. Please do quit gloating), it seems only right to share this article about even more fake photos of Hurricane Sandy.


A delightful short film by Errol Morris about why you should (or shouldn’t) vote. Take a few minutes to watch it (it’s totally worth it).


This adorable little comic about a flame and a droplet of water choked me up. I’m such a sentimental fool.


Someone tirelessly scanned their mother’s recipes and posted them on Flickr. The collection is delightful and, in a world where most of us share recipes online, a lost art.


Ever wondered how to crack open a combination padlock? Gawker’s handy chart explains the process.


The fascinating psychology behind Tetris, and why a game that consists solely of moving little blocks around is so darn addictive.


Halloween might be over, but questions about the holiday remain. Fortunately, Slate’s Explainer has some answers.


The destruction Sandy left on the east coast is making wish that this “Make Everything Okay Button” really worked. I’m going to keep pressing it, just in case it does. (And also, Rand and I donated to the Red Cross. Please consider joining us.)


That’s it for me this week. More tales from Ireland next week (I’ll be blogging from the east coast of the U.S., so things might get a little crazy).



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  • Jessica

    Oh, god, the cartoon made me cry. :-/ That was really sweet. Sad, but sweet.

  • Aww, no “Rand-stache”? I don’t blame you though- my bf rocked (or limped) a mustache last year, and it was super creepy.
    Interesting article on Slate, but did they really just try to blame skanky halloween costumes on gay people? I don’t think bar-hopping college girls need more motivation beyond usual pop culture trash to dress like that

  • Damn shame that Rand is not going to grow a tach. I thought the “pencil” moustache would have fitted him perfectly according to the infographic I put together:

  • Meredith

    Well mustache or beard, it doesn’t matter. What matters is people helping do something to raise awareness for a cause that has hit close to my heart. I lost my dad this year to an aggressive form of prostate cancer. I miss him terribly. It is important for all men to ensure they get regular check ups. So thanks to Rand and everyone else who participates this Movember.

  • Love the Wizard of Oz synopsis… this one is equally as brilliant!

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