WTF Weds: The Peacock in The Village

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May 14, 2014

“Is … is that a peacock?” Rand asked me as we walked through the village.


“Over there, by the church.”

“I highly doubt it,” I said, squinting in the direction he was pointing. “I don’t think that-”

And then I saw it.

“Yup,” I said. “That’s definitely a peacock.”

In my family’s village, high up in the mountains, a peacock lives by the church. He does not belong there, but he doesn’t seem to know that, so he just struts around like he owns the place.



Later, my aunt explained to us that he appeared one day, in the wake of a huge, windy storm. He took up residence by the church, and never left. People who live nearby feed him.

Now he’s sort of become a mascot for the little village at the top of the mountain.

I have to stifle a laugh when I think about it, because it’s one of those things that, as a writer, you almost can’t believe. If it were in a short story, people would tell you to cut that part out, because the symbolism is just too heavy-handed.

A fish out of water. A peacock in the village. An American in rural Italy.

WTF, universe. At least make me work for my analogies. Don’t hand them to me like this. It’s just too easy.

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  • Gianluca

    Hi Geraldine!!!

    I’ve a personal story about a peacock out of place.

    When I was still living with my parents in Milan, one day my brother and I woke up by the sound of a peacock. Sincerely we didn’t know that that was the sound of a peacock, so you can imagine our face when we saw one walking quietly over a garage-roof between our building and the one in front of us.

    The first ten days all the people were quite amused – I’ve never seen so many people spending so much time in their balconies in Milan! – and they were feeding the bird.

    When the weeks became two and three, the noise of the peacock weren’t stand by anybody anymore, and someone called the municipal veterinary service.

    And so, as it appeared in our lifes, the peacock went away.

  • There is a neighborhood in central Phoenix, AZ that has wild peacocks roaming around. I’ve heard they’re not particularly nice birds.

  • Eric

    We have a bunch of Peacocks in Austin. There is a nice southern restaurant called Green Acres that has them, and one public park with dozens. Brides, love to have their photos taken near the birds when their plumage is in full display.

  • Rachel

    I think that’s a peahen!

  • There’s also a few peacocks in my parents village where I grew up. I never knew how noisy those things were until then! Always got my camera out when they appeared in the garden though. Very random, no one knew where they came from either… 🙂 x

  • Normally, I only come across peacocks roaming about at the zoo and maybe at a country house gardens. At least it’s happy.

  • kokopuff

    The high school where my kids went is about 1 mile from my house. For some reason, they keep peacocks in the courtyard. Every once in a while, one of them gets a wild hair and goes for a jaunt around the neighborhood. People who don’t live close are always startled. I’ve been asked, on more than one occasion when I’m out walking my dogs, to call the police or the humane society because there’s a peacock on the loose.

  • Rose

    My farm family in South Dakota, back in the mid-century, raised peacocks. You saw a peahen! They do not strut their stuff like the more beautiful blue-necked cocks, or pay any attention at all to the peacock’s tail-spreading or plumage shaking. We called the babies pea babies, but more correctly they are pea chicks. I know people who have pet peacocks right here in the city, in Michigan and I have seen “wild” peacocks in Florida. I have a deep affinity for the beautiful peafowl. As a child I would con them into coming closer by offering my mother’s day-old chocolate cake in my out-stretched hand. I can do a pretty good imitation of their alarm calls at the exact genetically programmed pitch level. One bird got killed on our country road and my mother (with sadness) made peacock breast for dinner that night. Tastes like chicken!

  • Had no idea Peacocks are spread as far as Italy, they are the national bird of India and till a few months ago one use to come in the small wild patch in front of our balcony. Now they are building a commercial complex there. I am not sure where the Peacock went. .. 🙁

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