11 photos from Florida: Beaches, buzzards, and raunchy street signs

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Oct 6, 2011
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It seems so odd that I’m doing a round-up of photos from Florida, of all places. I lived there for years. I might as well do a photo round-up of my own house. Actually, come to think of it, I have done that.

Aaaaaaaand on that note, here’s ten photos from that strange and magical place I used to call home.

  1. I show my enthusiasm for Jews for Jesus. And vacation rentals.

    I'm also fairly intrigued by Boston Nails and New Wave Fitness.

  2. I may have screamed when I saw the license plate on the car in front of us – it read “Pastry Chef.”

    Pardon the quality of this photo. My hands start to shake whenever I think of dessert.

  3. “Watch for Buzzards” sign, spotted on the way to Lake Placid, Florida.

    Interestingly, the sign on the other side of the bridge read, "Watch for Vultures."

  4. The beaches in Indialantic.

    We should have just commandeered these chairs. Pretty sure we could have taken on the retirees that they belonged to.

  5. Nuclear power plant near Orlando, Florida.

    I'd forgotten these existed. They always creeped me out as a kid.

  6. Approaching thunderstorm near Lake Placid, Florida.

    We outran it.

  7. Unintentionally raunchy “cumquat” street sign, Lake Placid, Florida.

    "Um, that's not how you spell kumquat." - Giselle

  8. Unitentionally raunchy “Speed Hump” sign, Indialantic, Florida.

    Seriously? This ... this is just too EASY.

  9. Sunset in a parking lot, Lake Placid, Florida.

    This was right next to the Beall's Outlet where we found Melrose Place perfume.

  10. With Giselle and Christine.

    A blonde, a brunette, and a redhead ... it's a really good thing we didn't walk into a bar.

  11. Matching friendship bracelets.

    Bought these in Indialantic - one for me, one for Giselle.

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