Freezing cold, but home.

10th Dec, 2009

I am back. I didn’t manage to get a post up yesterday (for the first time in quite…

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The Subway: A play in three acts

8th Dec, 2009

Prologue: I live in Seattle, a town that, despite its growing size, is seriously lacking in the public…

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Marking your territory

7th Dec, 2009

My mom called me the other day. She’s down in California, taking care of my Auntie P. She…

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Alaska Air, and a first class tale of woe … and a little redemption.

4th Dec, 2009

One the Monday before Thanksgiving, I was upgraded to first class for my Alaska Airlines flight down to…

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Why visiting my family is crazier than a David Sedaris novel …

3rd Dec, 2009

Part 1 in an ongoing series … Travelling to see my family is always incredibly educational. Just when I think I know them, I…

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Homeward bound … for now.

2nd Dec, 2009

I’m knackered. Completely beat. I can’t believe it’s only Tuesday (as I type this), but I suppose that…

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A letter to Carl’s Junior about multi-culturalism

1st Dec, 2009

Dear Carl’s Junior, We live in a melting pot. Did you know that? I swear, it’s true. I…

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