Multiple Perspectives in Photographs: Ireland Edition

My endless fascination with two people taking photos at the same time continues. In Ireland, as I was snapping photos, Wil was doing the same (albeit more competently, with an eye for composition and light and all those other things that photographers understand and I do not).

Here’s my photo, taken on the side of the road as we drove around the Ring of Kerry:

And here’s Wil’s:



This is the picture I took of Rand when he was … You know what? I don’t actually know what he was doing. But here he is:


And here’s Wil’s photo from a different angle (which is amazing):



It makes me wistful and a little bit existential. That we’re all here together, seeing the same things just a little bit differently.

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  • Michelle

    I really like your fencing shot too though – I think those photos are best as a pair. Same as you guys I guess, if we’re getting all existential and shit 🙂

  • dreamofadventures

    great comparison! everyone sees things so differently