Spirals and Geometry in the Eisenhower Building, Washington, D.C.

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Jan 7, 2015
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The Travel Blogging Summit that I attended in D.C. last month was held in the Eisenhower Building, around the corner from the White House, and a formidable structure in its own right:

What it looked like when we left. Moments before, a motorcade carrying Joe Biden based us. Apparently he waved, but I missed it.

But perhaps more miraculous than its exterior were the spirals inside of it, ones I think I would have missed had it not been for Lillie.

I was lucky enough to spend most of the summit seated next to her, and found her instantly engaging and mindful (on her own blog, she noted the lack of diversity among the attendees, something she voiced to me during the summit.)

During a brief break, I saw her photographing a spiral staircase just outside our meeting room and had to follow suit.


Pretty fantastic, isn’t it?


As the day went on, I would repeatedly tell her that she reminded me of a friend back in Seattle, so often that I’m sure she found it annoying. A more apt thing to say would have been this: she felt, even after minutes of meeting her, like a friend.

And the best sort, too: the ones who are able to show you things that you would have missed on your own.

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  • Lovely photos! Fun fact: there are more spirals in that building too- the stone used for the floor tiles has tons of snail fossils in it. I was an intern back in the Clinton days and always got so excited when I discovered big snails right under my feet!

    • Everywhereist

      This is one of the coolest comments to have ever appeared on my blog. No joke.

      • Aw thanks!! Your blog is one of the coolest out there so I’m in good company 🙂

        Thank you for keeping me entertained for years! Lurked forever, this may be my first comment!

  • Mike

    The last line of this post is beautiful. Well worded. Poetic even. Well done.

    Cool pictures, too.

    • Everywhereist

      Sometimes that accidentally happens when I write. 🙂

  • My reaction to being in this article: “AAAHHHHHH!!!! AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!! YAAAAYYY!!!” The honor and joy of meeting you were all mine. What readers may not know is that you had the most epic introduction ever.

    Geraldine: “Hello! I’m the Head of Puppetry for the Travel Channel.”

    Me: [Completely believing] “That’s wonderful! Tell me about the Travel Channel’s puppetry strategy.”

    Geraldine: [Breaks into maniacal laughter.]

    Travel Channel Star: [Looking at me in disdain] You are one naive cookie.

    • Everywhereist

      That was one of my favorite moments of the trip. I want to live in a world where “Head of Puppetry for the Travel Channel” is a thing.

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