Superfluous Travel Item I Need (Kinda): RoundTrip Upcycled Luggage

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Sep 10, 2009

I once had a sweater that was, for all intents and purposes, better than I. I rarely wore it, because really, it’s difficult to don a piece of clothing that you know will outshine you.

RoundTrip’s line of vintage “upcycled” suitcases and bags (available through Etsy) sort of fall into that same category. I really want one, but then I would own a piece of luggage that just might be too hip for me.  I don’t know if my tender ego could handle that. Check them out:

Okay, so I dont actually wear enough hats to necessitate a hat box, BUT STILL. So cute.

Okay, so I don't actually wear enough hats to necessitate a hat box, BUT STILL. Desire knows no logic.

You must love the little birdies so to give them THAT to perch on ...

You must love the little birdies so to give them THAT to perch on ...

They use a variety of vintage bags and luggage, including hard-shelled Samsonite and American Tourister suitcases that remind me of the ones we had when I was little. Suitcases that were dragged to Italy and back many times by my mom and grandparents. RoundTrip’s designer has made them distinctly her own with silhouettes and images hand-drawn in waterproof, heat-set paint. The result is unique and whimsical.

No silhouette Godzilla? Ah, well. Still pretty neat.

No silhouette Godzilla? Ah, well. Still pretty neat.

I saw some cute little hipster gal carrying on of these sans decal. Shed have probably given her right tattoo for this.

I saw some cute little hipster gal carrying on of these sans decal. She'd have probably given her right arm tattoo for this.

Still, I’m sure if I bought one, it would hang out in the closet with all the other items I own that are just too cool to fit my dork aesthetic: The sailor pants from Anthropologie that are waiting for me to lose 10 pounds, my Harvey’s Treecycle seatbelt bag, and those 4-inch grey suede heels I only wore once. They’d probably get together and have parties and not invite me. Damn them all.

Plus, I’d be absolutely petrified of checking one of RoundTrip’s bags, for the additional fear of losing it. Fortunately, though, they dabble in carry-ons as well:

Dude ... I could maybe pull this off.

Mmm ... vintage upcycled handbag carry-on (drools).

I mean, come on – I’m almost cool enough to pull that off, right? RIGHT?

P.S. – all photos used with the generous permission of the folks at RoundTrip. As per usual, no goods, services, or snack cakes were exchanged in the making of this post. I just like their stuff.

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