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You can’t take photos in museums, but you can take them on the street.


We didn’t manage to make it to Centre Pompidou – one of Paris’ main modern art museums. We wanted to go (at one point, we were even in line for tickets), but then we realized we were hungry, and there was pot au feu and steak frites to think about.

And then we found a Chagall exhibit, and the thing about Chagall is this: like Glenn Close in Fatal Attraction, he won’t be ignored. (Except, you know, with less dead bunnies.) So we went to that instead.

Later, we got macarons.

And I would feel somewhat terrible for skipping the Pompidou, had all of that not been absolutely amazing.


While walking around Madrid, Rand and I saw this sculptural relief on the facade of the building, done in the classical style (is it ancient Roman in its influences? Let’s say yes, because I know squat about sculpture):


And then we saw the same relief, this time rendered with a Cubist slant:


And I might have geeked out, because seriously, how cool is that?

Recently, I saw my first Banksy.

Despite all the trips I’ve taken to London, I’ve managed to miss the provocative street artist’s work. On more than one occasion I’ve walked right passed his creations, failing to notice them at all. That nearly happened again this time, owing to the steak and kidney pie that was holding most of my attention.

Forgive me. The steak and kidney pie was really good (but that’s for another post).

For whatever reason, though, I managed to tear my eyes from the flaky crust and unctuous filling, and I saw it:


It reads: “Laugh now, but one day we’ll be in charge.”

Granted, it wasn’t quite as titillating as his depiction of two police officers kissing (in Brighton), as endearing as the image of little girl losing her balloon on Southwark, and certainly not as loathed as his latest piece in Haringen.

But I was still pretty excited about it. Almost as much as that meat pie.