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Today’s guest post is from my friend John Doherty. Rand and I met John last spring in Boston – right before he was about to move to New York. Since then, I’ve been keeping up with his life through his twitter stream and updates to Google Plus. His insights and observations are always interesting, but it’s his photos that really fascinate me. In an era where every kid with a Canon SLR thinks they’re a photographer, John is creating art with his camera phone. You gotta respect that.


I am a fairly new New Yorker, having moved here in the middle of June from Philadelphia, and before that I was living in Switzerland for a while. Having grown up in small-city Virginia, I have been used to fairly homogeneous surroundings (I’m not saying that’s a good thing, I’m saying that’s what it is). Since I’ve moved to New York though, I’ve become enthralled with the variety of people around! I started this Instagram pictures series a few months ago on Google+, and Geraldine loved them so much that she asked me to write this guest post for her.

Some of the subway photos may come across as creepy, but I think they give us an interesting view into the world of New York City. The shots of the protesters at Occupy Wall Street will hopefully help put a face to the people that you see on the news.


Occupy Wall Street

The protesters down in Liberty Square were peaceful when I went down there on the afternoon of October 8th. Shouts were rising from back in the square and music was playing, but everyone was calm and peaceful. Here are a few shots of what I saw.
The American Dream is the American Plight

"The American Dream is the American Plight."




I live in Seattle, a town that, despite its growing size, is seriously lacking in the public transportation department. The absurdity of it almost sounds invented: we actually have an underground dug out already (a result of some serious city planning mistakes made a hundred or so years ago). Rumor has it that decades ago, the city laid down tracks for a subway system. The problem? They were the wrong sized tracks.  They didn’t fit the subway cars, or some nonsense like that (I think I originally heard this story from one of the guides on the Underground Tour, and couldn’t find any supporting evidence online, so who knows …).

We’ve not got a lightrail system which will (theoretically) take people from north Seattle all the way down to the airport and back. This sounds so magical and unlikely that I’ve also started telling people that riding on it will cure acne and give you rock-hard abs, and might just get you laid, to boot. Being married, I have no need for the thing.

I’ve always had a bit of a chip on my shoulder about our lack of a subway. It seems to separate the Metropolises from the Smallvilles. A subway makes a city. Things happen on a subway. And many, many things happen on the New York Subway. (more…)