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Jun 6, 2011

Okay, so it’s a little early for a year-in-review, right? I mean, it’s June. But hey, that apparently didn’t stop Time Magazine from writing up the best blogs of 2011 … and, um … apparently I made the cut. Believe me: no one is more surprised than I am.

I mean, secretly I always hoped people would find my blog useful/interesting/entertaining, but I was also convinced for a long time that Dustin Diamond was actually Beastie Boy Mike D‘s little brother. And I am still absolutely positive to this day that Duran Duran actually sings “Mysterious Ways” (please do NOT tell me otherwise.)  The point is, I can’t trust my brain.

Fortunately, having an unreliable brain doesn’t seem to be a road-block to blogging . Judging by my crazed fellow travel bloggers out there, it might just be a requirement.

So, while I try to calm myself down from all of this crazy excitement (Seriously. This. Is. Awesome.), I’ve compiled a list of my top posts from the last year (and beyond). Of course, they’re my opinion of what my top posts have been … and you know how unreliable that brain of mine is.


The Danish Village of Solvang. (A brief exchange between myself and my husband as we walked through the streets of this central California town – Me: “Can we move here?” Rand: “No.”)


My experience with the new TSA screenings. By the time you read this, getting on a plane will require a pelvic exam.


Horrific Temptations and the Golden Gate Bridge. How spending time at the most suicidal spot on the planet makes me crazy introspective (I’ve since concluded this was due to a contact high received from being downwind of Berkeley).


Finding George Harrison’s Clock Part I and Part II. We all have inner demons, sworn enemies, and collections of skeletons in our closet. Turns out mine was a very old clock that changed the way we travel the world (which is funny, because for YEARS I thought my sworn enemy was skinny jeans.)


Dick Move, 1st Class A-hole. We get upgraded to first class next to a guy who’s so obnoxious, I wonder if tackling and punching him will render me a hero.


Los Angeles: City of … no way … hope? I try to find the magic that my actor brother still sees in his hometown of L.A. And I almost succeed.


Glasgow Bus Tours. Apparently the trick to hailing a tour bus in Glasgow is to look like you really, really want it. Um …


London’s Old Operating Museum and Herb Garret. The scariest phrase on earth? “Victorian medical tools.” GAH.


Ashland, Love, and Frosting. Quite simply my favorite place on the planet.


The Local and the Tourist (a tale of Rome). Just when I start thinking I’m a total fish out of water, I find myself fitting in, far better than I could have ever imagined, in my mother’s hometown.


The 12 items of clothing I always pack (and you should, too). Note: this post is actually useful (I’m surprised, too.)


Borough Market: A place for love. But not vegetarians.


Okay, I know it’s only 11:30am, but I think I need to have a celebratory drink. And by drink, I obviously mean “cupcake.”

Thanks to and all of my readers. This, honestly, is a little too awesome for words.



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  • Christine

    Yay! I’m so excited for you. I certainly think it’s well deserved. 🙂

  • Contrats! Your blog is hilarious and the best blog award is very well deserved.

  • Karen

    Awesome! No one in “print” makes me laugh harder, and as consistently. Congratulations, you so deserve this, Geraldine!

  • Congrats and well done. I must admit that when I really should be working, you’ll often find me here instead.

  • Forgot how much I loved some of those old posts; particularly the walkthroughs of places like the Operating Theatre in London. So much content making so many people spit-take.

    I also want to see a top 10 photos from the Everywhereist archive, preferably including top 10 hilarious comments to accompany them.

    • Lisa


  • Geraldine, I do love your blog. It’s kind of like when I found an album Bleach at a used record store in Las Vegas about 1989 or 1990.

  • Cindy Clem

    Well, thanks to Time magazine, I have spent a lovely evening learning about all things everywhereist. A much needed break from my screaming 7 month old. Thank you, Geraldine, and congrats to you. Much deserved praise. I’m in.

    • Everywhereist

      If I can offer reprieve from the screaming little bundle of joy, I’m happy. 🙂 Hope the little one finds solace, too. 🙂

  • Your blog is awesome! I have yet to see more of your entries. Congratulations!

  • Found your site after seeing the Time article and must say it’s well deserved! Adding it to my rss right after this comment!

  • Dude!

  • Sarah

    I’m so glad that Time put you on this list! I have a hard time finding new good sites to browse during my down time, and this is fantastic! I would have never found it otherwise. I’m enjoying reading all your old entries…keep up the great work!

  • Cristina


  • joe

    congratulation, for being the best in the world..

    • Everywhereist

      A gross exaggeration, to put it mildly. But I appreciate the spirit of the comment. Thank you. 🙂

  • Kannan

    Very interesting and funny.. hope u visit India some day and fill your blogs with your wonderful experience…

  • I don’t think I ever congratulated you formally on this–I’ve been living in trailer parks all over the West for the past six weeks, I’ll blame that–but I am giving you, my dear, the *slow clap* from California. Well played, very deserved.

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  • KillarneyT

    Hey, that’s how I found your site! So glad you made the list – I’ve been laughing my way through your blogs for the past two months. Perfect way to get through the work day.

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