The Week: August 2, 2013

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Aug 2, 2013

Journal of a cold, Day 8: 

I am still sick. The illness that has taken root in my sinuses shows no sign of dissipating. The deluge from my nostrils continues. Yesterday, I ventured out, for the first time in many days. I squinted painfully at the sunlight above. I am greatly changed, I know.

I let out a hacking cough, and watched as passers-by crossed the street to avoid me. 

“Soon, you will be like me,” I rasped. They didn’t hear me, or pretended not to. 

I am destined to be alone, except for this cold. It is my sole companion, and will never leave me.

Blerg. While I go drink some tea, you enjoy these links.


The title of this Tumblr blog says it all: Rappers and Cereals. That’s why I love Luda Crisp!


The Awkward Years Project is a great reminder that middle school was painful for everyone (good thing beauty is on the inside, right?)


If you’ve ever died of dysentery in your elementary school’s computer lab, you should read this: the history of The Oregon Trail game.


Tom Hussey’s Reflections series is beautiful and haunting. His work brings to mind something my grandmother used to say: Gli anni passano per tutti. The years pass for everyone.


Currently geeking out over Jake Waldron’s work. In particular, I absolutely love his Adventure Time inspired piece.


Many retailers pulled August’s issue of Rolling Stone from the shelves. They claimed that the cover image (of accused Boston bomber Dzhokhar Tsarnaev) glorified terrorism. Regardless of where you fall on that debate, the cover story – Jahar’s world – is an incredibly engrossing read.


The Atlantic explores why there are no fat people in Paris.


This is something I can get behind: an abandoned Wal-Mart in Texas is turned into a library.


The Daily Beast takes a closer look at Jill Abramson, the tough and competent executive editor of The New York Times.


Man, if Jennifer Lawrence keeps dropping gems like this, my girl-crush will never die.


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