The Week: Dec. 23, 2011

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Dec 23, 2011

As unbelievable as it sounds, 2011 is about to draw to a close (wasn’t 1998, like, 4 months ago? It seems like only a few weeks have passed, and yet now I can’t shop at Urban Outfitters without someone asking me if I am looking for a gift. Also, why are t-shirts and skirts so absurdly short these days? HIDE YOUR SHAME, LADIES. But I digress.)

It’s been a shockingly eventful year here at the blog. Thanks to what I can only assume was a mixture of dumb luck and god getting drunk, my blog was mentioned on several sites far more prestigious than my own (including TIME, Forbes, and, most recently, It’s all been delightfully unexpected and wholly undeserved, unless you ask my mother, who is convinced that my blog is the greatest one ever, even though she’s never read it.

And while I’m eternally grateful to her (on account of bringing me into the world), my husband (for helping me travel all around it), and those wonderful editors and journalists (who, for whatever reason, felt that my accounts of it were worth noting), the people I am most grateful to for making this year amazing are those dear folks who sit at their computers and choose to spend their precious time reading my drivel.

So, thank you. You’ve made my 2011 absolutely grand. I hope to see you all again in the new year, when we’ll complain about kids these days, the state of rock music, European showers, and how you can’t really get a good pretzel outside of Munich. I’ll be back with new posts on January 2, 2012 (2012? Holy crap). Have a safe and happy holiday – be it Solstice, Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanza, Festivus, or nothing – and eat some extra cookies for me.

Now, on to the week …


TIME magazine has gotten plenty of attention for naming the protester as their Person of the Year. But equally fascinating? Their list of People Who Mattered in 2011.


Loving these artistic, wacky, and wondrous photos of Santas. From Manhattan to Berlin, the guy in red really does get around.


Slate tackles the oft-asked question of why eggnog isn’t sold year-round (my theory – that nogs only lay eggs in the winter – was incorrect).


Check out some of the truly amazing submissions to National Geographic‘s 2011 photo contest.




An amazing tale of hoarding, love, and really old cans of tuna.


I am dying- absolutely dying – over the 50 best celebrity tweets of 2011. If weren’t already a fan of George Takei (seriously, the man is a gem), you soon will be.


The Atlantic‘s just released a list of 17 films to look forward to in 2012. While I’m not too keen on the next installment of the Dark Knight series (really? Anne Hathaway as Catwoman? I don’t see it), I will gladly watch anything with Jason Segal.


In Holland, apparently Santa doesn’t have elves. He has slaves. The tradition of Zwarte Piet is as disturbing as it sounds.


Somehow, I doubt the passenger sitting in the aisle seat is properly fit to handle the responsibilities of being in an exit row.


Peace out, one and all.

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  • Happy holidays & New Year Geraldine! Hope to see more of you in 2012!

    • Bryan

      I also write, and my family would say, gets paid fore it. I love your writing so much. Came across this on a day that I was bored. Your writing is not boring. Oh, if Dick Move reads this, I am sure he can find many faults. But Dick, blogging is like a conversation when you are going to the water cooler when you are tired of sitting in your office; and that is not fun either but at least you get water. Sorry for the semicolon before the and. Might have been sleeping during that lecture.

      My best wishes to all and thanks for eliminating the trips to the water cooler. Tell Richard, or I guess
      Dick have a happy new year.

  • gloria

    Discovering your blog has been a highlight of 2011. Thanks Geraldine!

  • Mark

    Happy Hanukka Rand. And have a nice Christmas Everywherist.

  • Lois Mazza

    I HAVE read your blog and read it often, though not every day (sorry). Your mom is RIGHT, it is an amazing blog. You deserve all the praise and recognition from TIME and the others. Please keep up this entertaining, enlightening and hilarious blog. I am insanely jealous everytime I come here and yet come to your blog, I must. I am never disappointed and always amused, ALWAYS!
    Thanks again for a wonderful blog.
    Best wishes to you, your husband and your family for a happy, healthy and prosperous 2012.

  • Lyla Hall

    I love your drivel – thanks Everywhereist for entertaining me this year.

  • I lived in Holland through one holiday season and remember thinking how weird the Sinterklaas and Zwarte Piet tradition was–but everyone there seems to think that racism is perfectly normal and acceptable. Go figure.

  • Bryan

    Wishes of love and happy travel to all. Love the writings and I guess because it’s the right thing to do, love Dick Move also but he couldn’t be a friend of mine. I don’t have a friend named Dick. Sorry, I am sure that there are many good Dicks out there. But this one didn’t seem to be a good one.

    Wonderful writings from everyone and my love.

    Happy holidays.

  • Melanie

    I just started reading about a month ago and I love this blog. That hoarder love story almost made me tear up. I have a boyfriend who is extremely accepting of my OCD house. Everything has its place and is just so. I can’t even let him do the dishes to help out ’cause I end up rewashing thinking they’re not clean enough. We all have our issues. The key is finding someone who will love us regardless.

    • Bryan

      Wonderful. I decided to not write more on my daughther’s novel today. But do have a story to share. Dick Not Move.

      So here it goes.

      Grew up, around the world. Living in Topanga was a wonderment aside from running from devil dog and running by the insane one. Yes, I was sixteen and running past that place in the morning down Old Topanga road and chased by whatever it was. Only just chased for a little while; maybe it just wanted for me to run faster. Yes my friends, I didn’t know it at the time because I was young but running past one of the most horrific persons that has been born to this Earth. Yes, Charles. No S***.

      Back to Leave Dick.

      We would go to a beach just north of Malibu at times, have to descend some cliffs but the views were wonderful.

      The beach was not one that you had to wear clothes at, unless the police on horses saw you. The police didn’t like it. I am not into stripping at the beach at all but I dont judge nice persons and if they want to be naked fine with me. There were two lovely young women lying closely on a Saturday. Now this is just topless but the Dick shows up in full fashion. Kind of creepy.

      The wonderful young lady I will most likely never see again came to me and said, “let me be by you becaue that Dick is naked and lying next to us.” Never kissed her but love her. Dick did not move either in body or name. But he left before we did. So I guess in the end it was a Dick Move.

      Melanie, you are loved.


  • AJ

    Even if God was partying hard, Congrats on being mentioned in such legendary sites. After reading a blog or 3 of yours, I think you might have a surprisingly good, but “unexpected” 2012 with your blog. Keep it up now, no pressure!

  • Eric Reinhardt

    I love this blog, the humor is dead-on and entirely ADD, and I absolutely love the poignant travel observations. Also to note: while I love the pretzels in Munich, you have got to try a laugencroissant: The bastard child of a drunken hookup between a German pretzel and French croissant. Most bakeries in Germany sell out of them well before noon.

  • Geraldine, I’m probably not in your key target demographic (being neither female nor American), but I’ve got to say I love the constant smartarseyness of your posts.

    I only wish I could get away with the same, without fear of copping a pre-Christmas beating from Schmutzli/Père Fouettard – the Swiss equivalent of Zwarte Piet 🙂

  • Congratulations to your success and see you in 2012. Where are you going to travel in 2012 – any idea yet?

  • Skippy

    Glad to see you are recognized by others. You are certainly one of the funnest reads of the day with my personal favorites being the “Dick Move…” posts. You take them down, but in the nicest way. Quite a talent.

    I am glad I found your blog a month or so ago and have made it through most of the archives. Can’t wait to live vicariously in 2012.

    PS – My favorite tweet was “A million years from now archaeologists are going to dig up tanning beds and think we fried people as punishment.” Too funny.

  • I have to agree with you that last 15 years has passed so fast unfortunately. Getting old and cannot change it 🙂 Happy New Year btw 🙂

  • Thanks to is how I found you so what a nice 3 Kings day present, ¿no?. I haven’t read many posts yet…just the quick peruse…but it looks like it’s a winner. Anyone who has a category named “WTF” looks promising.

  • Well, thank goodness for Time, if not for them and their 10 stories of the week email, I would not have found your blog. Very entertaining, I must say. I will follow your adventures from now on.
    Congratulations on making Time’s Best Blogs of 2011 list!

  • kokopuff

    Is it a bad thing that I look forward to Bryan’s comments almost as much as I enjoy reading your blog? He’s delightful, in a “comment on 10 blogs over the holiday for ESL class” kind of way.

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