The Week: December 7th, 2012

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Dec 7, 2012

I started typing the title to this post and thought, “No, it can’t be December already. It’s like, mid-October, at the latest.”

Sigh. For the record, I also think it’s 2005.

While I find a calendar and struggle to accept the cruel and relentless marching on of time, you enjoy these links.


A flight attendant reveals the shocking list of things that passengers have requested. One guy inquired as to where he could pleasure himself. Ewww. I only hope he wiped out the lavatory basin as a courtesy to the next passenger.


A fascinating look at how tall a LEGO tower can get before it starts to crush itself (the answer: very, very tall.)  Via my lovely friend Kristy.


This XKCD comic made me cry.


Little known fact: I enjoy watching football with my husband. I’m consistently arguing with non-fans that the game is far more complicated and interesting than most people give it credit for. And this New Yorker article about Jon Gruden supports that fact.


This comic about the importance of challenging yourself (especially when no one seems to be challenging you) is delightful and inspiring.


And for those of you needing a little more inspiration, here’s how to steal like an artist.


I’m totally going to start using beatnik slang. Though I highly doubt I’ll be able to use the phrase “threw babies out of the balcony” without traumatizing someone.


If you have a few spare minutes, and still haven’t seen this SNL sketch featuring Louis C.K. as Abraham Lincoln, watch it immediately. And when you have a little more time, go see Lincoln. It’s pretty darn incredible.


Did you know that The Onion has a horoscope page? It’s exactly what you’d expect: funny, absurd, and a little bit dark. (And if that ain’t your speed, then The Geek Zodiac just might be.)


Photographer Leon Borensztein’s new book of portraits (collected during the 70s and 80s) is an amazing – if awkward – look at our collective pasts.


Aaaand, I’m out! See you Monday.

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  • Alexandra Shiels

    I agree with you about football. I’m currently dating a Packers fan (he’s from Wisconsin, pretty sure it’s mandatory there) and I’m boning up on my football knowledge since I grew up in a nerdy, non-sports watching family. Just when I think I have the game figured out, Football comes out of nowhere and is all like ” Listen up rookie, I know you think you understand this game but I’m going to introduce you to a thing called fair catch kick.” Football is always talking smack to me. Luckily both my boyfriend and his brother are super patient teachers and don’t mind explaining rules to a noob like me. Luckily, I also have Mental Floss to help me:

  • KevinM

    Interesting… the flight attendant list didn’t mention incessantly asking for cupcakes. Either it’s not shocking or you’re not asking enough.

  • I completely agree on the football point. I used to be a football hater until my then-boyfriend, now-husband took the time to explain everything to me in a non-condescending way. Now I love it. I’ll read that article, but good lord I can’t stand Jon Gruden. He usually sounds drunk during most broadcasts. I don’t know if he is or that’s just natural.

  • Molly

    As a mechanical engineer, I have to say that my favorite bit about that lego article is the comments, ie:

    “Well, one question I have is, as a tower of Lego bricks gets that high, at what point does gravity’s effect on the bricks’ mass begin to diminish?…”


    “The actual limit would be smaller if you were just snapping pieces on top of the existing stack, because it requires an amount of force greater than the weight of a Lego piece to snap two pieces together…”

    People like that make me happy. Plus, the article is not entirely factual regarding the yield strength vs. the fracture strength, since little plastic pieces are very unlikely to yield. Anywho. Fun article, funner comments. Yay for statics nerds!

  • Totally agree! For me it’s like end of September 2011.
    Very … interesting the flight attendant’s experiences 🙂

  • I loved Leon Borensztein’s portraits 🙂 Some of them are so funny: the swimmer with socks, the picture with the brothers and the creepy old guy in the armchair, the man standing on a book so he can have the same height as his wife, and so on 🙂

  • I have been thinking that its 2010 for the past two years, I even dated the exams I took this summer as 2010! (I noticed before I handed them!) and oh god that is so gross about the man who wanted to “pleasure him self” on the plane!!!!!!!!!!!


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