The Week: February 25, 2011

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Feb 25, 2011

Folks, I am tired.

How is that, you say? How is it a woman, with no steady job, no house, no kids, no pets, and only one half-dead houseplant be tired? And I will tell you, dear friends, it is because of SNOW-MAGGEDON.

It has exhausted me. For the last week, we here in the Pacific Northwest had been threatened with “possible accumulation of up to several inches” of snow. IT IS ABSOLUTELY HORRIFYING. And all the frantic salting and sanding of sidewalks and balconies and walkways and everything else (just to be on the safe side, I salted our living room. I regret nothing) has been exhausting. As has the buying of large quantities of food, since I am absolutely convinced the grocery stores will be out of everything. Oh, and I barricaded the house and have armed myself with kitchen knives. I am taking no chances. Those of you who’ve lived up here know: it becomes no-man’s-land even if there’s a slight dusting of snow.

What’s that you say? There’s virtually no chance of snow over the weekend? Well, I’m taking no chances. Enjoy The Week, while I try and figure out if I would can eat my houseplant in the event that I run out of food.

Sigh. It’s times like this I really did wish we had pets. Tasty, tasty pets.


Organizing a bookcase has never been more delightful. And yet, I still don’t have enough inspiration tackle and arrange my books (the guiding principle behind my home library’s arrangement is Chaos Theory.)


I think my brain just broke.


Sounds like he was traumatized by past events.


One geek’s guide to 2011 movies. Not sure why my brother’s sci-fi film, Battle of Los Angeles was omitted, but Battle:Los Angeles managed to sneak its way in. Conspiracy, if you ask me.


It feels good to get things done, doesn’t it?


A Super Mario Bros. mushroom, made from a radish. Rumor has it if you eat it, you double in size.


If you manage to commit just one of these randomly-generated Jack Kerouac quotes to memory, no one will suspect that you never finished reading On the Road.


Really digging my friend Rudy Lopez‘s photography of Seattle. Need to remember to check out his feed next time I’m on the road and homesick.


A world map that reminds you of where it’s daytime, and where it isn’t (in case you might be in the habit of calling family members in other countries at inappropriate times. Sorry about that.)

Simply and strangely beautiful: love letters, written on cardboard.


“Human beings and potatoes have much in common.” So starts Ginou Choueiri’s description of her potato portraits series, in which faces of random people (along with well-known celebrities) are printed on tubers. There’s a joke here about cannibalism. I just need to work on it.


You will be surprised by how much time you will spend reading brief-answers to cosmic questions (that is, if you are a dork like me).


Totally digging the quiet poetry of PictoryMag, a site where users can share stories through photos. Check out their fish-out-of-water showcase (entitled “Overseas and Overwhelmed.”)


Okay, folks, that’s it for me this week. I guess I should go talk to my houseplant. I think it’s starting to grow suspicious of me.


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  • Before Snowmageddon hit Chicago a couple of weeks ago (you know, the one where it ACTUALLY snowed 😉 ), I made the mistake of going to Whole Foods. Never have I seen more angry glaring over marinated tofu or lines of wealthy liberals huddled together to stay warm. It was a human tragedy I hope not to soon repeat.

  • I prefer neighbors with tasty pets. That way I don’t have to feed them.

  • Not sure how (or if) that $20 in a box thing works, but “Futility Closet” is a god damn great name.

  • I love Rudy Lopez’s work. I just added his site to my favorites list.

  • I am slowly going through all your archives (as I am extremely slow at work) so don’t think me weird that I am commenting on something 2 years ago. Anyway, the link to the cardboard love letters are so cute. It reminds me of my great-grandparents. Since they grew up in the depression they didn’t have money for a lot of things. My great-grandpa proposed to my great-grandma by putting a ring in a new coffee maker he got (coffee was a real special treat back then and to have a coffee maker was like WHOA!). When my great-grandma opened up the pot to make coffee she saw the ring! Every year for my great-grandma’s birthday (until her 98th) my great-grandpa would write her a love letter on a paper plate and tape money to the backside so she could buy herself whatever she wanted. I was able to take some of those plates when they both passed. I have them framed and hanging on my living room wall. Happy memories 🙂 Thank you for sharing your links 🙂

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