The Week: July 3, 2013

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Jul 3, 2013

I know, I know – it seems really early to do a weekly roundup, but tomorrow is Independence Day here in the states, and I already intend to be in a barbecue-induced coma on Friday, so I’m cutting things a little short (okay, fine, I’m cutting them really short).

I’ll be back next week, when I’ll conclude my tales from Boston and finally, FINALLY tell you all about Paris. And eclairs. And macarons. And all the other things I mashed into my mouth in a frenzy.

Until then, enjoy these links.


We might be celebrating tomorrow, but July 4th isn’t actually the day we declared independence.


Apparently, back in the 1950s, someone coined a term for the gender-neutral plural of nieces and nephews.


Forgive me for sounding stuck-up, but this list of America’s snobbiest cities is way, waaaay off base.


Before shaving off his massive facial mane, one man decides to do all the fun things you can possibly do with a beard.


Admit it: you totally want to know what’s in Prince’s fridge. (Also, WTF. They still make Dunk-a-roos? WHY WAS I NOT INFORMED?)


The Colon Cancer Alliance is selling giant inflatable colons. In case you need one for your next family gathering or wedding.


There is so much to love about Norm the pug. Not the least of which is this: he lives in my neighborhood. Check out his owner’s entire Instagram feed. (via @legalnomads)


It’s time to stop saying goodbye when we leave a party.


These 101 short stories will make your day.


Our favorite family-run Greek restaurant closed last Sunday. I’m absolutely in love with this photo a reporter took of us with one of the owners, Helen. She’s patting my stomach (like she always does) and telling us that we need to have a kid.


If you are stateside, then have a safe and wonderful Fourth of July. I’ll see you all next week.



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  • sure are a lot of cities on that snobby list that I want to visit… 🙁 PS that photo of you and Rand at the Greek resturant is adorable! Have a great 4th

  • Lizzie

    The link to the short stories doesn’t seem to be working. (But I’m reading this on my phone, so the problem could also be on my end.)

  • I love that Prince has such a weird fridge. Not a shock at all. And I’m all for the “ghosting.” I do it all of the time then generally text the next day to thank the host for such a wonderful evening.

  • I would have liked to have eaten at The Continental but missed it in my trips to Seattle. And speaking of Seattle, that Snobbiest City list is absolutely loony tunes. Not only in that it really doesn’t make sense to their introduction. But, having been to S.F., Chicago, Portland and Seattle many times the things that they are labeling as snobby couldn’t be farther off with the wonderful people in those cities.

  • Some great links here that I hadn’t seen yet, so thanks for sharing!

    ps– you can buy Dunk-a-Roos at any Walmart nowadays 🙂

  • Philip

    I admit my math skills are poor, but unless I blacked out for 7 years, I don’t think you’ve been married as long as the Times suggests.

    But who cares? Nibling! NIBLING!

  • I have just discovered your blog, and I find it quite awesome you have seen so much of the world thus far. I can’t wait to hear about your round up on Boston, as this is where I currently reside :). The links especially the one highlighting America’s most snobbiest places is quite interesting. I too want to visit most of the cities on the list. I will be my own judge :). Have a happy, and safe 4th of July from a new reader.

  • Ha, that picture of you at the Greek restaurant is adorable!
    The word ‘nibling’ is amazing- I mean, we have sibling for brother or sister, so why not nibling? My nephews are going to look at me like the crazy aunt I am tomorrow, but that’s their new title.
    Have a fun weekend!

  • Louise

    I absolutely love reading your blog

    Would you mind re-posting the link to the 101 short stories as it doesn’t seem to be working?


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