The Week: May 10, 2013

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May 9, 2013

It’s Friday, folks. I’ve spent the entire week at home, and we’ve had sunshine nearly every single day. And if that wasn’t awesome enough, today is the 51st anniversary of the first issue of “The Incredible Hulk.”

I’m going to see if I have any torn purple jeans (I want to wear them while I wander around my house, smashing things). While I do that, you enjoy these links.


Given how many talented designers Rand and I are friends with, I often take for granted how difficult it is to design beautiful stuff. But this blog, dedicated to all things ugly, is an excellent reminder: Whoever Designed This is An A**hole.


The New York Times has some interesting (and proven) ways to defeat jet lag. Get ready to unleash your inner rock star: most of them involve wearing sunglasses on planes.


I’m not a parent, but I still found this delightful. I suspect that goes double for those of you with wee ones: 10 Things I Really Effing Want For Mother’s Day.


A brief but incredibly powerful piece from The New Yorker about Cleveland kidnapping victim Amanda Berry, and her rescuer, Charles Ramsey.


I totally wish this had been a class while I was in high school. I’d have aced it: Batmath!


Textastrophe has reinvented the lost of prank-calling through strange and hilarious text messages. Warning: you will spend waaaay too much time on this site. It’s that good.


This is amazing: an author asks people to reimagine the covers of some of their favorite books, swapping the genders of the main characters (and the authors). The results, well, speak volumes.


Wow. Just … wow. The creator of Hyperbole and a Half is back after a long hiatus. Her most recent post – about her depression, and her struggles with feeling nothing, is powerful as hell.


A woman who was kidnapped at the age of 7 writes about her abduction.


Every year, graphic designer Everett Hiller throws a holiday party. Afterwards, he sends out photos of the event to guests, with celebrities photoshopped into the mix. The results – sometimes subtle, sometimes glaringly obvious – are consistently delightful. This might be my favorite.


A few years ago, I wrote about my visit to Shakespeare’s Globe Theater, and the wonderful tour guide I had there. I’m pleased to say that I heard from him recently, and he’s just as entertaining as ever. His multimedia site, The Lost Valley of London, features some of his favorite quirky London locations. Be sure to check it out; it’s strange and wonderful, and worth your time.


Aaaaand that’s it for me this week, folks. I’m on the road next week, but will have some posts lined up and ready to go while I’m away.



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  • Yessss, one of my favorite lists on the Interwebs. Whoever Designed This…is brilliant. Thank you!
    And I don’t think I could possible love Hyperbole and a Half any more than I already do…but yesterday’s post had me sobbing. Then hours later I read it again, and I laughed. That is Allie’s genius.

  • I clicked over to the Twisted Sifter site and wound up being on there for two hours!

  • Anisa

    Thank you so much for this weeks great links! Loved textastrophe. I did spend waaay to much time at this site. I had to just keep going on to the next page! Made my afternoon go by real quick but my production level go down. Also loved the whoever designed this is an asshole. Great stuff.

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