The Week: May 18th, 2012

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May 18, 2012

Not only is today the birthday of someone close to me, but it also the anniversary of the eruption of Mount St. Helens. Oh, and ONE OF MY FRIENDS FOUND OUT SHE WAS CANCER FREE THIS MORNING. I am using all of these occasions as excuses to eat lots of cake. What’s that? It’s TINA FEY’S BIRTHDAY, TOO? Someone get me a bib. Things are about to get awesome.

And speaking of awesome, here are this week’s links:

It’s so … TALL. A video depicting the evolution of Nicolas Cage’s hair. (I sincerely hope they do Travolta next.)


While I’m not a fan of their restaurant suggestions, I’m charmed by the gratuitous cursing on the “Where the F#ck Should I Go to Eat?” website.


Can’t help but be blown away (heh) by photographer Tadao Cern’s new series entitled Blow Job. Fear not: the site is totally suitable for work – Cern just places people in front of powerful air jets, and snaps photos of their windblown faces with hilarious results.


The Depressed Copywriter blog is just my cup of tea (note: I take my tea black with a side of sarcasm.)


I really hope this never comes in handy, but The Atlantic discusses how economics can save you if you are kidnapped by pirates at sea.


My friend Dan explores our city of Seattle with a friend who’s visiting for the very first time – and sees it for himself with a fresh pair of eyes. (It’s hilarious. Read it.)


Researchers at Cornell University have found that including visual stop sign cues in food could help people eat less, and better gauge how much they’ve consumed. Great idea! From now on, every third cupcake I eat will be red velvet.


The New Yorker gives a play-by-play account of Facebook’s IPO this morning.


Food blogger Ashley Rodriguez confesses to the (beautiful) mess she makes of her kitchen, and makes me like her all the more.


A delightful collection of unscientific diagrams of sea life (via @GoSeeWrite)


Whoohoo! That’s it for me this week. I’ll be back on Monday-morning with a wicked cake hangover. I can’t wait.

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  • What a week. Is it wrong that the Nick Cage hair thing made me laugh so much? And I want to know, exactly how much cake did you have?

  • I’ve been meaning to post a comment on your blog for a while now…I recently discovered your blog and it’s the only one I really enjoy reading 🙂

    Question – you talk a lot about cake and cupcakes. Have you tried cake balls? Not just the kind that are tiny cakes in ball form, but the kind that involve mixing the frosting with the actual cake? They revolutionized the way I see desserts. I was afraid they’d be too sweet, but I was delightfully surprised.

    As a fellow confectionery enthusiast, I’d be curious to hear your thoughts.


  • I absolutely love the evolution of Nicolas Cage’s hair, that made my day and for that I thank you @(^_^)@

    Also, I loved the blow job photography as well, and I’m not going to lie I stood in front of my mirror afterwards and opened my mouth wide and made funny faces to see what I would look like.

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