It’s Friday, I’m home, and it’s SUNNY OUT in Seattle. If my skin wasn’t breaking out while I was concurrently fighting off a cold, I’d be the happiest girl in town. As it stands, I’m just probably just the happiest girl in my neighborhood, which is good enough for me.

I’m off to make myself a cup of team while NOT PICKING AT IT. You enjoy these links.


I know it’s nowhere NEAR Easter, but my jaw literally dropped when I saw these, and I had to share them with you: Cake baked inside of an eggshell. It’s WITCHCRAFT, I TELL YOU!


Entire coastlines in Southern California are glowing electric blue, and – unlike most lovely things in So Cal – it’s totally natural.


The first-world problem of “wrap rage“: it alarms me that this not only exists, but has a Wikipedia page dedicated to it.


Can’t believe I’ve never heard of The Fancy before, but now I can’t look away. It’s the intersection of design and awesome.


A 21-year old American soldier (stationed in Germany, on the base where my father worked for years, and where my brother was born) comes out to his parents on YouTube. It’s nerve-wracking, heart-breaking, and hopeful all at once.


The artwork of Marc Johns is absurd, whimsical, and occasionally downright weird. In short, I dig it.


Amazingly, this is exactly what happened when Rand decided to grow a beard.


My husband works with some of the coolest people in Seattle – check out what they’ve created on their office windows, using Post-Its.


Two guys, one guitar, and a rather delightful bluegrass rendition of “Bad Romance.”


Click on the boxes. Make music. Watch the afternoon disappear.

See you Monday, folks!

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    MikeN says:

    Rand’s quote in the paper was priceless: “Moz doesn’t run a 19th century factory; we’re trying to build an exceptional software startup in 2011,” says Fishkin. “That means putting our best talent to work applying colored post-its to windows, having the occasional nerf gun skirmish and investing in copious sugar-based snack delivery vehicles.” Who says the dream of the 90s is only alive in Portland? And, based on your cake-oriented posts, I suspect the reference to “sugar-based snack delivery vehicles” comes from your influence? Keep up the great writing.

    • 1.1
      Everywhereist says:

      Surprisingly, I’m only responsible for a small portion of the sugar-based snacks consumed in the Mozplex. But I was super proud of Rand for that quote. Clearly, I get my wit from hanging out with him. :)

  2. 2
    John says:

    Cool story, G-dawg!

  3. 3
    Jennifer says:

    Every time I visit Seattle (or the entire PNW, for that matter), it’s been sunny and gorgeous. The whole “it rains here all the time” thing is clearly a lie, meant to keep SoCal’ers like me from moving in and ruining everything.

  4. 4
    katie Evans says:

    Okay those “cake eggs” are interesting…my thought is why put so much effort and time into something that can be eaten in just one quick bite…and there’s not even any frosting on it! :)

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