I’m just saying … I think it would encourage me to pay better attention to the directions.

“Turn … LeeeeEEEEFT!”


Because frankly, right now she sounds all hoighty-toighty and bossy.

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  1. 25. Sep, 2012 / Taryn:

    I bet you could download Sloth’s voice. I know our Garmin let’s you set it to whatever you find out in the interwebs…..


  2. 25. Sep, 2012 / Jodi:

    Too funny. My co-worker calls his GPS Joanne, because that is the name of his bossy, know-it-all sister-in-law.


  3. 25. Sep, 2012 / Tori:

    Don’t we all?!? Life would be so much more enjoyable hearing Sloth each day!


  4. 25. Sep, 2012 / Theresa:

    Her real name is Monica & Monica is rather impatient and bossy! We take her on vacations with us ;)


  5. 26. Sep, 2012 / Casey:

    I have Homer telling me where to go. Seriously. Homer. He tells me i’m a genius when I make it to my destination.


  6. 24. Oct, 2012 / Andi-Roo (@theworld4realz):

    When my daughter was little, she named our GPS “Jeema” so that’s what we still call it, whichever model we possess, 5 years later. I can’t see this name changing regardless of how many we burn through. It’s kind of like that one fish named Fred. You know — ALL OF THEM EVER?


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