We visit Colorado, and I forget to take pictures.

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Sep 6, 2012

Have you ever returned from a trip, or a party, some sort of special, I-really-should-take-photos kind of event, and realize that you took barely any photos at all?

You may have a handful of them, but they are blurry or poorly-composed or they make you think “Why in god’s name did I take a photo of that?” or “Please, for the love of Pete, let that be someone’s elbow and not … gah!”

That’s a little bit how our Colorado trip went. In fact, it’s pretty much how our last two trips to Colorado went. The first time, we were there for about 36 hours, and had just received news of my stupid brain tumor. I was in no mood to take photos. I snapped a couple of the hotel, and neglected to take a picture of the exterior. THAT’S RIGHT. I can’t blog about that damn hotel because I have not a single photo of the outside of it.

I hate to use the brain tumor as an excuse, but I feel like that’s one situation where really, Steve was at fault.

Our next trip to Colorado was nearly as brief, but free of the worry and anxiety of our first trip. It was relaxing and lazy and involved a lot of time sitting around in our pjs and checking email, watching TV, and eating cake straight out of the container with a fork (cutting individual slices is for the weak, I tell you).

We stayed with Brad and Amy, and I have nary a photo to share of the two of them. There’s certainly not a single photo of the four of us together, not even when got all fancified and went out to a nice dinner. It’s a shame. And yet, I’m not entirely kicking myself. Sometimes you are too busy doing things – or too busy doing nothing at all – to take photos.

But, hell, it’s not like Colorado isn’t photogenic:

Fortunately, we had Amy to snap a couple pictures of us.

Look how he blathers on, and look at how I love him, anyway.

“I was wearing an onion on my belt, which was the style at the time …”

But when I try to find photos of our hosts, there are few. Rand’s kind of covering up Amy in most of the pictures I have of her.

“Let’s practice pointing at things in the distance, okay?”

“Like this?” / “Yes. Exactly. You’re a natural.”

This happens a lot when we visit friends. I don’t feel the same pressure to document everything. I just feel like having fun. But I’m still kind of bummed I don’t have a decent shot of me and Amy together.

We’ll have to rectify that.

That’s right: next time, lady, we’re getting a photo of you. Consider yourself sufficiently warned.

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  • Know exactly what you mean about how it feels when you realise you didn’t get enough good photos of a good time, but I like these pics!

  • Adam Sommer

    Photos can be good things or bad…sometimes I feel I spend more time and energy focused on phtotos, rather than enjoying my time.

  • LarenR

    The Abe Simpson reference made me laugh out loud.

    I found your blog via Deanna several months ago and I just love your style. Keep up the great work.

  • Jen

    I rarely ever take pictures, so I frequently feel this sense of “hmmm…perhaps I should have gotten the camera out so that I can actually remember this event in 50 or so years.” But then I shrug and figure my memory will be good enough to remember it, despite all evidence to the contrary. And I haven’t changed my m.o. yet.

  • “My story begins in nineteen dickety two. We had to say ‘dickety’ because the Kaiser had stolen our word for ‘twenty.'”

    I almost laughed out loud at that caption.

    I went on vacation last week and there is a gaping photo hole in the middle of the week. For some reason I just didn’t take any pictures. Odd.

  • Sarah

    I’m of the opinion that at least once everyday (and often much more frequently) you can find the “PERFECT” Simpson’s quote to add to the moment. I don’t often pull out an Abe – but o-boys, when I do it’s golden. Thanks for getting in today’s Simpson wisdom!

  • You are always taking pictures, whether with a camera or just your mind. You can share the camera kind, but the memories are always vivid and in focus. Sometimes those are the best.

  • I Always forget to take photos of people, and wish I had later. I even carry the camera and still forget. Must be too busy having fun. Good excuse to return.

    • Yes, it happens to me too. I’m enjoying myself so focused that I forget to take a photo! and I always carry the camera in the bag. : (

  • Aislin

    My vote is that they should invent little flying robot cameras that follow you around and capture all of your most memorable moments automatically so you don’t even have to think about it. However, if you should forget to turn it off, or if something terrible happens, I can see how that could get ugly really fast…

  • Yeah sometimes I have the same problem with forgetting to take pictures and it feels so stupid to write about something without any photos^^

  • Ever since I’ve been blogging, I find I’m much more interested in taking photos. I walk around thinking, this–or that—would be a good blog photo or a good subject for a post. But, you don’t need to beat yourself up for going off the blog clock sometimes. In fact, it’s a healthy sign that you can do it and just enjoy an experience without having to record it. And, you don’t need an excuse for the fact that maybe you slacked off in the photo department—-as excellent as a brain tumor is as an excuse—stratospherically superior to, say, “the dog ate my homework, so I had to redo it and therefore couldn’t take any photos.”

  • Oh yes, this happened to me a few times as well. Usually I fail to photograph when I see a lot of people around me taking photos. I start to ask myself: why should I photograph something that’s already been photographed by 10 other people?

  • It happens to all of us! You still managed to share a great story through the few photos you did take. Fun shots! 🙂

  • I have just found your blog, and am enjoying it immensely! Wonderful writing, sometimes great photos, too! 🙂

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