WTF Wednesday: A open letter to England, regarding the riots

Posted on
Aug 10, 2011

Last night I penned this:

It's true.

I also felt it pertinent to include a post-script or two.

We are not bluffing.

I just need to know their president’s address, so I can mail it.

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  • You can write the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom at:

    10 Downing Street
    SW1A 2AA


    • Everywhereist

      Prime Minister? Forget that. I WANT TO TALK TO THEIR PRESIDENT.

      • I think the Queen should take to the streets with an AK and show those punks what time it is.

        • Max

          This is the best suggestion I’ve come across in the longest time.

  • Loved this! and might I just add:

    if I wanted to live in Paris – I would move to Paris. I was so proud of London a couple of years back when Paris had to deal with several weeks of riots in some of their suburbs. And look at us now – almost French! Come on Britain! You can do better. I will sign your petition to the president;)

    • Schmaty

      I was actually living in Paris for those riots, and now London for these. I fear I might be unintentionally inciting riots all over western Europe.

      If Luxembourg starts rioting next, it will be confirmed.

  • Awesome. My sentiments exactly.

  • Can you work on one to Chile too? We didn’t invent civility, but we do have a President rather than a Prime Minister, so we’ve got that going for us at least.

  • Haha awesome,

    But we don’t have a president ?

    • Everywhereist

      Sigh. No one gets my sense of humor.

      • Don’t worry, some of us do! Being extra American and all, totally! 😉

      • Anisa

        Ha Ha. I get your sense of humor. I was laughing out loud at my desk when I read the I want to talk to their president line. Very funny. ( sorry the comment is late, I am reading the archives)

  • Everyones needs to have a cup of tea and chill.

    • Annie

      seriously, grab a freaking crumpet and COOL IT.

  • I did not know until now that we, as a country, have a very girly signature.

  • Guy

    Until you fully understand the true nature of the social unrest in the UK it is probably best not to comment on it. I have just moved to Asia to get away from it. You can feel the anger on the streets as the hard working people are taxed 40%. To pay for the mistakes of the rich few. I totally agree with what is going on. If the government won’t listen then who will? The PM has had to cut his holiday short that says it all really! Everything could have been avoided if people on the streets were listened to instead of being ignored.

    • Everywhereist

      Really, Guy? You agree with trashing and looting small, independent businesses? You think that the hard-working 89-year-old barber whose shop was ransacked deserved it? You agree with that?

      Perhaps you want to think that one through before YOU comment, Guy, lest YOU say something foolish.

    • Guy, I hope you DON’T know that the people looting and plundering in the streets don’t even know what started the whole thing, and that they’re doing it just to get a new TV for free.
      I hope you DON’T know that there are innocent hard-working people whose lives are being ruined because of such people.
      I hope you DON’T realize that by doing all this, whatever the reasoning behind the protests were in the first place, NO LONGER MATTERS!

      It’s like a man who hits a woman and says ” I did it BECAUSE..”
      Doesn’t MATTER why you fucking did it. YOU DID WRONG!

      And I hope humanity’s sake, that you’re saying all that you are, cos you DON’T realize all this.

    • Guy, you’re sounding an idiot. This isn’t a protest. It *started* as a protest, and that was peaceful and had a point to make. This? This is looting, pillaging and violence.

      Anyone who agrees with it is agreeing with mob rule, and has no place in this country.

      The people who are causing the riots aren’t protesters – they’re criminals. In 99% of cases they’re not making political statements – and the 1% who *are* have given up the right to have a say in the running of this country by acting in this profoundly unacceptable way.

      If you can’t do the math, that’s 100%.

      – an Englishman, in England

  • Come on Guy – how can you agree with this? They don’t have any demands, nothing – they are just robbing people who can’t defend themselves and setting cars on fire. I can’t see how that is a productive way to bring a change (unless the change they are seeking is to go to prison of course). And by the way I live in London so you are not the only authority on London on the internet:)

    @Everywhereist – I totally got your humour re president – very british and subtle!

  • Le sigh. Phuck it, let’s all eat cake.

  • Max in Lancashire

    I realise that I’m a bit late to the party, but I’ll comment anyway:
    There were valid reasons for the original relatively small, local protest but the protest was hijacked by looters and gangs, and stupid kids who just saw an opportunity to join in and grab something. And, it didn’t just happen in London; it happened in other big cities too and some kids even tried to organise looting in a few small towns, but hardly anybody turned up oweing to lack of interest.

    Actually, it wasn’t technically rioting because, and not many people know this, for people to be charged with Riot in the UK, the Riot Act must have been read, publicly, by a Magistrate. I was present when that happened during the race riots in Bradford, Yorkshire, several years ago which was a truly horrible and scarring experience. It enabled judges to send rioters down for five years or more, which is considered to be a heavy sentence in this country. The sentences meeted out in the recent disturbances were relatively mild.

    Guy – sorry, but you don’t have a clue what you’re talking about.

  • Max in Lancashire

    Oh, and I meant to say that the original protest was pretty much peaceful, in spite of being about an armed police unit trying to alter the evidence about who fired first when they shot a local armed robber a couple of days previously.

  • i just wanted to say thankyou for addressing this to england and not the uk as scotland had NOTHING to do with it!

    i love england i even went all the way there to catch a future husband and sexy he is too yum!


    england we are ashamed of you and agree with america and will also say walt invented harry potter even though J.K wrote it in scotland and infact still lives here today, but it will be worth the lack of credit!

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