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Aug 7, 2009

In travel news this week …

The New York Times reported that most of us hate booking travel, and the web hasn’t really made the process any easier. While the internet has given us a wealth of fantastic content, including dancing Martin Van Buren and entire sites dedicated to the acting prowess of Dale Midkiff, it’s still really effing hard to reserve a flight. Kudos to Jet Blue, Southwest, and Alaska Airlines for making the process suck a little less hard.

Also, never, ever travel to North Korea. Not even for 30 seconds. Seriously – that’s like on the top of my list of travel advice, along with take a sweater and never leave anything the trunk. But if you do happen to find yourself accidentally on the wrong side of Kim Jong Il’s fence, and sentenced to 12 years hard labor (incidentally, WTF? 12 years hard labor? Is it the 1700s?), remember this: If you have a problem, if no one else can help, and if you can find him, maybe you can hire … Former President Bill Clinton

He kind of is Face.
He kind of is Face.

This week also brings us one more travel reminder: accidental hikes are dangerous. Pinguina and I had our own run in with an accidental hike, and it sucked. And that was in Italy, not effing Iran. So, Bill, if you could get on this, too, we’d all really appreciate it. And if you get those kids home, I promise to make out with you for one minute (but you have to keep your hands behind your back).

That’s about it – however, since I might have left you with an incredibly traumatic mental image (and because the great John Hughes passed away yesterday and I’m still looking up clips on YouTube) I’ll leave you with this:

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