The Week In Travel: June 11, 2010

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Jun 11, 2010

Hey folks! It’s Friday again, and for those of you keeping score at home, it’s still gray everywhere in the Pacific Northwest. On the plus side, this week was far better than the last one, and instead of deaths and depressing stories, I bring you fun videos, hauntingly beautiful photos, and a chance to make fun of my brother.

So kick back and relax, because it’s sunny somewhere.


This week Delta sent unaccompanied minors to the wrong cities! I smell a movie starring Christopher Walken as a curmudgeonly old flight attendant and Jaden Smith as the kid who teaches him to love again. Or something.

And, because they really seem to think that bad press is better than no press (news flash: it’s not), Delta decided to make headlines again when they destroyed (and refused to replace) passenger James Lawrence’s bike. What’s worse? Lawrence is raising money to build much-needed dams in areas of Africa by completing 20 half-Ironman races … and he needs his bike to do that.  (Update: Looks like Delta wizened up and is going to try and remedy the situation. Looks like they might have learned something from United, who broke musician Dave Carroll‘s guitar. Carroll’s response? Write a catchy tune about it that immediately went viral.)


In other news, The New York Times has banned the word “tweet” from all of their articles. I assume it’s because an editorial meeting turned into a boxing match when someone suggested the past tense of to tweet is “twat”. Personally, I’d have punched them, too.


Can you draw New York city? From memory? On an etch-a-sketch? Neither can I. We should be friends. (via


Blogger and filmmaker Cailin O’Neil has created a video recap of her trip to Newfoundland, where she’s taken around town by the lovely Candice Walsh (the travel diva behind Candice Does the World). It’s absolutely delightful, and if you’re like me, you’ll be pouting that you don’t know these girls in real life. Because clearly, they are awesome.

Speaking of gals I wish I new in real life …

Kelsey over at Drifting Focus has an amazing photographic account of her visit to Forest Haven, an abandoned mental institution in Maryland. The pictures are absolutely fantastic, but if you’re familiar with Kelsey’s work, that should come as no surprise. (P.S. – check out the rest of her site if you have a chance. She’s also a historical re-enactor, and an incredibly interesting person).


Though it has nothing at all to do with travel, I must share with you this delightful photo of my friends’ daughter putting a collection of felt monsters to sleep. Since I’m responsible for the existence of said felt monsters (I made them!), I feel quite smug. Of course, my friends’ made their daughter, which I suppose is infinitely more impressive.


Another thing that has nothing to do with travel but is still delightful? My bro’s most recent acting reel. I will tell you now: at one point, he raps.

That’s it, folks! I’m off to yoga. Happy Friday!

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