10 timely photos from our San Francisco Trip

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Feb 3, 2011
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My blog is very up-to-date.

The things that I write about? They happened very recently. Even if it seems that I’ve purposely left out any allusions to time or dates, that’s not because I’m writing about things that transpired months ago. No.

Definitely not. (Look around nervously.)

And now, I’d like to present ten pictures from our San Francisco trip, which totally didn’t take place way back in December, and I’m only getting around to putting up the photos now. Nope.

  1. Self-portrait with Rand in Union Square.

    The lights behind us are definitely NOT from a Christmas tree. They're from ... um ... fireflies! Yes. Fireflies. In the middle of downtown S.F.

  2. Victor/Victoria’s Secret sign in downtown S.F. Which they haven’t most likely already fixed, because this photo is recent.

    Rand explained that most Victoria's Secret shops are called Victor's Secret in S.F.

  3. Sea of digital phones, concert at Moscone Center.

    These people totally haven't upgraded their phones by now, since this was only a few days ago. Yeah.

  4. Dead flowers, San Francisco Botanical Gardens.

    I don't know why it's dead. I mean, it's practically springtime, and not the middle of winter ... right?

  5. Zombie squirrel, S.F. Botanical Gardens.

    ... that probably hasn't already died of old age by now.

  6. Former President Bill Clinton and some guy (let’s go with Jon Lovitz) at an event which didn’t transpire months ago.

    They're talking about CURRENT current events.

  7. Self-portrait, Westin Hotel S.F.

    This obviously happened mere days ago. Rand is NOT watching regular season football in the background. He's not.

  8. (Bizarro Hillbilly) Todd and Marshall.

    Now that I think about it, this photo is timeless.

  9. Breakfast at Farm: Table

    This place most certainly has NOT been completely overrun by hipsters by now.

  10. Um …

    Would you believe this is a Valentine's Day Tree? No? Damn it.

So that’s it – ten photos from our last San Francisco trip, that didn’t actually take place last year, but only a matter of days ago. Because MY BLOG IS TIMELY. And if you want to see more photos from that trip, check out my set on Flickr. I don’t know why its labeled “December 2010.” Stupid Flickr.

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