10 photos from Rome

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May 24, 2011

I feel like Billy Pilgrim: I have come unstuck in time. A friend asked me where exactly I had been recently, because she had followed my antics through Rome, then there was something about Air France, then something about Boston, and she was utterly confused. Why I very much would like to claim that I stepped into the Project Accelerator and vanished, appearing in different cities and times across the globe, that would be woefully inaccurate (also, isn’t it lucky that Sam never leaped into the body of someone who didn’t speak English? Seriously.)

What is true is that I have been traveling too much for the blog to keep up. And I am struggling to get back on track. So I hope you’ll bear with me as I jump around in space and time. If it gets too confusing, might I suggest simply giving up on trying to figure out where I am, and sitting back to enjoy the ride, possibly with a cupcake.

It’s what I would do.

And now, chronologically digressive, but still (hopefully) entertaining – 10 pictures from our trip to Rome. Enjoy. (And for those of you who work in elementary schools, churches, or Victorian times, a warning: there is one porcelain penis in this post, immediately after the jump. It’s tiny, though.)

  1. The Tevere River at night.

    It's nicer at night, because you can't see the accumulation of trash.

  2. Someone important, I’m sure.

    Can you believe I didn't make a crack about his penis? Oh, wait. I just did. Nevermind.

  3. With my lovely aunt and cousin.

    Notice how friggin gorgeous they are, and how I can't, even for 2/10th of a second, stop talking with my hands.

  4. Foro Romano.

    I know it's wrong, but I always get a little arrogant when I see photos like these. "Check out what my ancestors did, BITCH."

  5. Chairs.

    In the words of Marge Simpson (though she was talking about a potato): I just think they're neat.

  6. Rand and my uncle, on a passegiata.

    I think my uncle was completely thrilled to have another guy around, since my aunt, cousin, and I are a force of estrogen.

  7. Fleur and food.

    The amazing Fleur, a friend of Rand's from childhood who lives and works in Italy. At the super-secret restaurant she snuck us into.

  8. Of Rome, I can safely say this: even the alleys are lovely.

    There's also a motorino, should you need more affirmation of where we were.

  9. Gratuitously smooching in front of the Colloseum.


    My aunt yelled at us to cut it out, which is funny, because she's always making out with her husband.

  10. Realizing how well my husband fits in here.

    Everyone tried speaking to him in Italian. It must have been the suit.

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