Beyond Wichita: 20 photos of Kansas

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Sep 8, 2011
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Though I was in Wichita for less than four days, I took more than 900 photos. Yeah. Since whittling that pile down to 10 pictures was pretty much impossible, and would require me leaving out photos of pink (yes, pink) milk, I decided to share my 20 (20!) favorite photos from Kansas. Enjoy.

  1. Road to nowhere.

    I could have stayed in the middle of the road for as long as I liked. There were literally no other cars to be seen.

  2. Chocolate and strawberry milk in glass jugs, Dillon’s grocery store.

    Harbinger of a city gal: I don't know that I've ever seen milk in glass jugs before.

  3. Jackson’s giraffe. I mostly took this photo for my friend Dan, whose love of the long-limbed animal is now well-known.

    I named him Dan.

  4. Town of Cottonwood Falls, Kansas.

    The streets were positively empty. It was 104 degrees.

  5. Old tombstone, cemetery near Strong City, Kansas

    It was incredibly quiet and astoundingly hot.

  6. Railroad tracks near the now-defunct Strong City train station.

    The station was recently placed on the National Register, and could use some TLC.

  7. My friend Christine and her son, at the Emma Chase Cafe, Cottonwood Falls.

    I know. Adorable, right?

  8. Decorative stop sign outside Carriage Crossing Restaurant, Yoder, Kansas.

    Moments after I took this, one gentleman backtracked about ten feet to hold a door open for me. I might have swooned.

  9. Roller coaster at the now-defunct Joyland amusement park, Wichita.

    Yes, we went to an abandoned amusement park. Thankfully, it was during broad daylight.

  10. Tractor, Pioneer Bluffs Heritage Center.

  11. Beekeeping, near the Pioneer Bluffs Heritage Center.

  12. Self-portrait, car side mirror.

  13. Jason at the Kansas Underground Salt Museum, Hutchinson, Kansas.

    He was super excited that he actually got to touch some stuff, especially after they said "no licking the walls."

  14. Wichita in microcosm: TV at Saigon Vietnamese Restaurant.

    Yes, that's a Shania Twain video playing.

  15. Outside the Kansas Cosmosphere and Space Center.

  16. Free Love sign, downtown Wichita.

    And to think, all this time I've been paying for love, like an idiot.

  17. T-shirt belonging to a friend of Christine and Jason’s.

    I suppose if you haven't seen "The Wire", this will make little sense.

  18. Gelato from Caffe Moderne, Old Town, Wichita.

    Reprieve from a Kansas summer.

  19. External temperature gauge in the car.

    That's a joke, right?

  20. Artistic visions realized in the Kansas Underground Salt Museum.

    The guide in front of me, as we took a train ride inside the salt museum.


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