Happy Billy Ray Valentine’s Day

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Feb 14, 2012

It’s Valentine’s Day, and I’m sure a lot of you are prematurely wincing in anticipation of the sappiness I’m about to post.  Those of you who truly plan ahead might have even placed a trash can at your feet, so that when you projectile vomit from the sheer adorability that is me and my husband, you will have a receptacle at which to aim.

Take it from me – that sort of planning never works.

Fortunately, there’s no need for it, because this post is not about me and Rand. No, seriously. It’s not. Traditionally, Valentine’s Day isn’t even a romantic holiday for us (we prefer going out on February 15th). We usually choose to spend the 14th of February in the company of our wonderful friends, stuffing our faces with pink treats (hide your baby girls: they will get bit). Cupcakes. Cookies. Those conversation hearts that easily double as sidewalk chalk.

And so, because friends always make such great valentines, I’ve decided to dedicate this post to friendship. And what better way to do that than to make valentines inspired by the 1983 holiday hit, Trading Places starring Dan Aykroyd and Eddie Murphy?

What? No, I haven’t been drinking. Why doesn’t everyone keep asking me that?

And yes, I realize that Trading Places is a Christmas movie. And that the strongest female character in it is a prostitute. But she’s a really awesome prostitute (seriously, Julia Roberts, you got nothing on Ophelia). Plus, Eddie Murphy’s character is named Billy Ray Valentine, which is kind of perfect, no? So I spent the morning making Billy Ray Valentines.

I’ve clearly lost my mind. Please enjoy the fruits of my labors while I go eat sidewalk chalk. Or conversation hearts. At this point, it doesn’t really matter.


Happy Billy Ray Valentine’s Day, everyone!

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