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Mar 4, 2013

I occasionally wonder if I’m alone in the things I find humorous. I’ve laughed – often hysterically – at stuff that other people don’t seem to find funny.

Parenthetically, I REALLY got a kick out of it when this gentleman brought me a bib after I ordered crayfish.

I usually figure that those other people are in bad moods, have lousy senses of humor, or are plagued with that affliction of sanity that I seem immune to.

And that’s okay, because while they can be better expected to pay their bills on time and be held accountable by a court of law, I feel like I get to squeeze a little more joy out of life.

Consequently, here’s some are some more signs that I saw in South Africa that brought me a great deal of joy. I hope you like them as well. Don’t fret if you don’t. It probably just means that you are a more productive member of society than I am. The sort of person who doesn’t eat frosting for breakfast.

Road Sign on Robben Island.

I feel like this sign is asking the easiest question EVER to answer: should we head towards the prison or towards THE PENGUIN BOARDWALK?


Winkelshoek road sign, on the way to Bushman’s Kloof.

Apparently “Winkelshoek” is Dutch for “corner shops”. But when I saw this sign, I promptly yelled, “OH THANK GOD. I’ve been meaning to take a winkle for like, twenty minutes. And now there’s a shack for that.


Most obvious street name ever, Mouille Point, Cape Town.

I’d like to think that there was a huge meeting to discuss the naming of this road. It went on for hours and hours, and people took to fighting and screaming at one another about it. And finally someone perked up and said, “You guys. YOU GUYS. I … I have an idea. And it’s just crazy enough to work.”


Sign indicating a closed lawn, Mouille Point, Cape Town.

I love this all a little too much: “Doctor, this lawn needs rehabilitation!” “Agreed. We need to close it down immediately. But even if we do that, I’m not sure if it will ever lawn again.”

I also love that is specifically says “NO BALL GAMES.” I kind of wanted to run out there with a jump rope and see what would happen.


Atlantis road sign, seen on the way back to Cape Town from Bushman’s Kloof

“WAY TO GO, SOUTH AFRICA. Now everyone’s gonna know where it is. FYI, Aquaman is gonna be pissed.”


Now if you please excuse me, I need to go start my day with a healthy bowl of frosting.

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