10 Photos From Walking Around Philadelphia

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Nov 14, 2013
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We had a rental car in Philadelphia, but still I walked. I walked through downtown, down to the Italian market and back up again. When I got tired, I took the subway or hopped on a bus. But mostly, I saw the city on foot.

I walked in muggy heat and pouring rain, both of which were in the forecast that week in early October. By the end of it, I was exhausted, but I felt like I’d seen Philadelphia, really seen it, while getting lost down its winding streets.

Oh, and I had my camera with me, too. Here are ten photos from my meanderings.

  1. No Trespassing sign, South Street.

  2. Tidy row of buildings, Juniper Street.

  3. Harmonious street art, Northern Liberties.

  4. Waiting outside the Superfresh Grocery, Northern Liberties

  5. Patchwork facade near Girard Avenue.

  6. Hidden Garden near South 9th Street.

  7. Rainy departure, Philadelphia Art Museum.

  8. Clean up in the Italian Market, South 9th Street.

  9. Buildings on Washington Ave.

  10. Hanging lanterns, Museum District.

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