10 Signs From Vancouver and Bowen Island

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Apr 4, 2014

Rand and I have been on the road for a little while, so blog content has been a little thin lately (sorry about that). I’ll be back next week with some brand new posts, but in the meantime, I’ve been perusing my Flickr stream for any photos or stories that I haven’t yet shared with you.

That’s when I found the following set of photos, that Rand took in Vancouver and Bowen Island last August. As we were walking around, he kept noticing some wonderful signs outside of shops. Some were clever, some were strange, some were utterly confusing.

I find them all delightful – not just in and of themselves, but also because they give a little insight into Rand’s psyche. How he’s so hell-bent on enjoying life, that he can find amusement and wonder in just about anything.

I hope you like them, too.

  1. Wait, when did we open this shop again?

    I like it, because it works for virtually any establishment (you just need to change your definition of recently).

  2. Hey, at least they’re direct:

    After we saw this, we kept walking everywhere, and then calling one another a “chump.”

  3. Touching the little knobs feels so wrong … and yet so right.

    This was roughly four-feet-tall, and really fun to play with. (Insert a “that’s what she said” joke here).

  4. I like to pretend this wasn’t actually the name of a restaurant, but just a nice little FYI.
  5.  Posted without comment:

    Okay, fine. One comment: Hee.

  6. I see what you did here. And it was kind of corny. But I laughed, anyway.
  7. I’m still angry that we didn’t go here:

    I mean, is it just an ice cream shop with a weird name? Or a taco shop that happens to have ice cream? Or (be still my heart) IS IT SOME SORT OF HYBRID TACO ICE CREAM SHOP? Because that would be amazing.

  8. I like this one, because I feel like this sort of quasi-apologetic explanation is quintessentially Canadian.

    For the record, it totally didn’t look empty.


    But I’m not actually sure? I blame Alanis Morissette. Who, incidentally, is Canadian. HOW IRONIC. Wait, no. Nevermind.

  10. Pretty much the best sign, ever:

    We kept seeing these all over Bowen Island. I like the ambiguity. The arrows are either directing us all towards Keith, or they’re telling Keith where to go.

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