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Nov 6, 2023
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You might have heard by now (from me, and the way I keep talking about it all the time, on this site, and also on social media, and in real life) THAT I HAVE A NEW BOOK COMING OUT. (Not apologizing for the all caps. I’m excited.) And if you haven’t already pre-ordered, please consider doing so OMG DO IT NOW. Pre-orders are critical to a book’s success. They count towards the first week of sales, which means that they are the strongest chance an author has to make it onto a bestseller list. And if that happens, more people hear about the book, which means more sales, which creates its own momentum. (Also, I would freak the out for the rest of my life?)

For a book like mine (weird, niche, written by a non-famous regular person who poops sitting down), THIS IS HUGE AND IMPORTANT. Plus, like, not to guilt trip you but also as an extreme guilt trip measure: I don’t monetize this site any other way and I never have. There are no ads. There’s no content hidden behind a paywall. I’m not asking you to buy bowls in the shape of my mouth. I just really want you to read the book I wrote, so I can continue funding weird fuckery on this site like trying every single flavor of Mountain Dew I can get my hands on.

BUT ALSO. If you don’t want to wait until March 12th to get my book, you can sign up for the Goodreads giveaway, and enter to win an early advance copy of the book. It’s totally free to enter but the contest ends THIS FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 10th. (Unfortunately, it’s U.S. only. TAKE THAT, CANADA! ENJOY YOUR FREE HEALTHCARE!)

Should you still buy a copy of my book if you enter the contest? Yes. Absolutely. But if you enter the contest and win you will have many copies of my book, which is important in case you want to reread my book. (Shhh, my logic is sound.)

Anyway. Again, here’s the link for the Goodreads Giveaway.

Here’s where you can buy my book and help turn it into a bestseller.

Here’s a photo of me right after I sent the final draft to my editor:

Photo of a depressed looking woman in yoga pants lying face down on the floor

Thanks, friends! And don’t forget you have until Friday to enter! BUT YOU HAVE FOUR MONTHS TO PRE-ORDER THE BOOK, WHICH YOU SHOULD ABSOLUTELY DO. Please and thank you. Mwah mwah mwah.

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