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I wrote a book about emergency meal-planning for the apocalypse, embracing my own hanger, and the death threats I got when I made cinnamon rolls.

“Raw, revealing and relatable.” – BookPage (starred review)

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Goodreads Reviews I Left for Myself While Writing My Book

Posted on
Feb 26, 2024
Picture of a woman reclining in a chair with a pensive look on her face, cradling her own book to her chest.
Posted in: Book, Uncategorized

  ★★★ Idea Has Potential. I don’t hate the idea of this book. It feels like the author (full disclosure: it me) doesn’t really have a clear idea of it, and instead of writing the book they keep getting distracted and reading about dysfunctional relationships on reddit. I keep calling it a “book proposal” even…

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A Dry January, All Year Long.

Posted on
Jan 22, 2024
Posted in: Food, Personal Essay

People keep reminding me it is January. I consider this an act of aggression. I keep writing “October” on all my checks. I also keep writing 1997. I also keep writing checks? What the hell is even going on with January, anyway? How can a January ever possibly feel normal? The year just started; the…

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Invisible Pie Labor.

Posted on
Nov 21, 2023

It’s the Tuesday before Thanksgiving and as holidays bear down upon us, I find myself repeating the same refrain again and again: You do not need to make pumpkin pie from scratch. You do not need to make anything from scratch. You do not need to recreate a family recipe passed down for generations. Your…

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Hindsight is the Best Filter

Posted on
Nov 6, 2023

While conducting an archeological dig of my office, unearthing crumbling notebooks that contained the early drafts of all the books I have written, and all the books I intended to write but somehow did not, I found a box of old photos. They were from a summer I’d spent in Europe when I was 20…

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