My Literary Agent Answers Your Questions...

23rd Feb, 2017

I’ve been writing a lot about my adventures in publishing (which has been a fun, strange, occasionally frustrating experience because it is only by writing a book that you figure out…

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Rule #2 of Vaginas: Don’t Glue...

22nd Feb, 2017

By now, you may have heard about a dear-god-I-wish-it-was-fake story that’s been floating around the internet, about a vaginal glue designed to keep labia sealed together during menstruation. Now, I know…

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T.J. Maxx and the Opposite of...

21st Feb, 2017

The thing about having the phrase “petty theft” in the title of my book (AVAILABLE FOR PRE-ORDER NOW) is that everyone assumes – perhaps fairly – that I am driven…

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I'm Writing
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The rough draft is done. It’s 95% new content, 20% potty humor, 10% cupcakes. Jeff Goldblum is mentioned twice.

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