10 photos from Boston: historic bridges, creepy carousels, shameless making out.

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Jul 20, 2011
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At the risk of sounding truly lame and wishy-washy, I will say this: I love Boston and New York equally.

I know, I know, given the long-standing rivalry between these towns (one whose origins escape me – did it really start with baseball? I mean, really? Edit: Apparently no, it didn’t) what I’ve just said amounts to sacrilege. I might as well scream that Coca-Cola Classic and New Coke are equally delicious! That all iterations of the Doctor have their merits! (Yes, even that creepy little blonde dude who looked like Art Garfunkel.) That the new trilogy of Star Wars movies aren’t an insult to the entire Sci-Fi genre! AND THAT THE WORLD NEEDS MORE OF JAR-JAR BINKS!

Ahem. Sorry. I went mad for a moment. I’m back now. The point that I was trying to make, if indeed I was trying to make one, is that, long-standing rivalries aside, Boston is perhaps the one city that’s as near to my heart as NYC.

When Rand and I concluded our trip to New York, I was not sad, as I usually am when departing from Manhattan, because we were headed to Boston next. And after three short hours on a train (yes, a train. How retro is that? Next we’ll be taking zeppelins. Note to self: buy Rand a monocle, top hat.) we arrived. Here are 10 photos from our trip, which hopefully will help you understand why I love it so dearly.

  1. Seinfeld poster, Back Bay train station.

    This was the first thing we saw when we stepped off the train from New York. Pretty sure it wasn't a coincidence.

  2. Foggy smokestacks, near M.I.T.

    Saw these on a painfully long walk from Cambridge to Boston, in search of cupcakes.

  3. Close-up of a creepy carousel, Quincy Market.

    "Let's give it orange eyes! Surely that won't scare the children."

  4. Lost in Boston …

    I was in the company of some lovely blurry chaps.

  5. Rusted metal railing, Longfellow Bridge.

    Supposedly two transportation workers were arrested for stealing and selling huge portions of the railing in 2008. How on earth they snuck away with it, I have no idea.

  6. Corn beef and chicken liver sandwich, Zaftig’s Deli, Brookline.

    I always feel like I should apologize to vegetarians when I post photos like this. I'm sorry, guys. Sorry YOU CAN'T EAT AWESOME MEAT.


  7. Foggy view from the Institute of Contemporary Art.

    This museum was inadvertently hilarious. More on that later.

  8. Offerings of remembrance, Holocaust Memorial, Boston.

  9. Someone takes a peek at patient penguins, New England Aquarium.

    I would very much like to have her job for a day.

  10. Obligatory make-out photo, Longfellow Bridge.

    Yeah, we're barf-inducing. Deal with it.


Is it possible to love two cities as different as New York and Boston equally? I say yes. If my mom can pretend she has two favorites, so can I.

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  • Damn it. Your Boston posts always make me a weensy bit homesick. Then I remember what it was like trying to get anywhere and how effing hot it is in the summer and how irritating every September was when 11 million college students all showed up at once and … well, somehow I still get homesick.

  • I was really enjoying this post until I reached the sandwich, at which point I become so enormously hungry it distracted me from everything else, even the making out. See, *that’s* why you should beware of posting pictures of food. It’s not the meat thing. It’s the I’m Really Hungry Now thing.

    A further point to make: Colin Baker’s Doctor? Merit? Pshaw. Pshaw and piffle.

    (Matt Smith 4eva!).

    • Everywhereist

      I’m a Tom Baker fan, myself.

      • In that case….

        In a recent scene, Matt Smith’s Doctor was having regeneration problems (a little more complicated than that, but that’s the essence) and he started saying things the other doctors used to say – and one of them was, in Tom Baker’s voice, “would you like a jellybaby?”

        Watch out for that. You may get shivers.

  • Laura

    Thanks for posting these pics. I myself am a Boston gal and seeing these makes me want to go there oh so badly.

  • Cat

    The horse isn’t terrifying at all. Ears laid back, (crazy orange eyes), sweaty matted mane = obviously trying to buck his rider.

  • As a photographer, I have to say that some of these pictures are absolutely stunning.

  • So I’ve been reading your blog for a while now, and have fallen in love with your casual writing style that feels like I’m reading the blog of one of my girlfriends. And when I saw that you had taken a trip to Boston, I was a little nervous that the love I have for the city wouldn’t translate to you, but I’m glad to say I was wrong. So happy you had an amazing time, but more importantly, whose cupcakes did you eat?!

    • Everywhereist

      CurlyCakes and Sweet. Sweet’s were better, I’m sad to say. I had high hopes for CurlyCakes.

      • Sweets are good, but Lulu’s are definitely my favorite in the city. Their salted caramel and lulu’s signature are my favs. Next time!

  • RiderWriter

    This may sound like a truly bizarre question, but do you happen to know how much you paid for that truly delicious-looking sandwich? And did it come with the lovely fruit cup on the side gratis?

    Explanation: I am still smarting over being taken for a ride at a deli here in St. Louis. I’m from New Jersey. I’ve eaten plenty of deli in MANHATTAN. So I know What. The. Hell. a deli sandwich is supposed to be/look like. And what I got handed here was patently NOT IT!!! I know, I know, big surprise. But I’m still so miffed about it I have half a mind to stomp back in the place and tell them exactly what I thought, complete with evidence that elsewhere, in far bigger cities, people actually get what they’ve paid for in a sandwich.

    (What did they do to me here? Charge me seven-fifty for a corned beef sandwich that was about 1/2″ thick, INCLUDING the rye bread, and not even throw in a lousy pickle slice on the side. Nuthin’. The meat was pretty good, but I’ve gotten more on a hamburger from Mickey D’s. Even if you paid $10, it would be a better value.)

    Also, your photographs are AWESOME. Nice job! Yes, including the obligatory snog-fest. You two are illness-inducing, but you bring hope to the world and joy to our hearts, so keep it up. 🙂

  • I was just in Boston last week, too! I love that city. As someone who lived in NYC for three years, it’s hard to pick which I like better–resident of NYC, tourist of Boston; difficult to compare–so I’ll be in the Geraldine camp and say both equally.

  • I have yet to visit Boston, but you just made getting lost and fog seem absolutely irresistible. Nice work.
    Your photography is always amazing!

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