10 photos from San Marino

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May 10, 2011
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To follow up on yesterday’s ten facts about San Marino, I decided to add some visuals of our trip to the lovely little mountain town country. My apologies to those of you who dislike top ten lists, or have a phobia of the number ten, or sustained some traumatic injury as a child while learning base ten (which, if you are anything like me, involved those little orange blocks). I realize this is the second post in a row to feature that number so prominently (also, it is the 10th!) But I am jet-lagged, and having a bit of structure to my blog (in the form of finite, numeric lists) helps reign in my wandering mind, which so easily gets off-track.

Which reminds me: I could really go for some cake right now.

Anyhoodle, here’s ten photos from our visit to San Marino. And a special thanks to the ragtag band of folks who escaped the conference with us for a few precious hours to go sightseeing. You all rock.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’m off to find some butterscotch krimpets.

  1. Snowy stairs.

    Yes, we climbed then. With minimal slipping, I might add.

  2. Nice vantage point.

    Geography isn't my strong suit, but I'm pretty sure we can see Russia from here.

  3. Great poster, or greatest poster EVER?

    I was completely gutted that we missed this by just a few days. I really wanted to see a giant floating cat.

  4. Itching for a (snowball) fight:

    Not pictured: the group of nuns and orphans they were pelting.

  5. Bar menu featuring – no joke – Duff beer.

    "Duff man is thrusting in the direction of the problem."

  6. Yawn. Another tower and more stunning views.

    Whatever. Seen it.

  7. Bad translation on a mechanical gate.

    I like to think of the "gate opening" as a notable event, like a movie premiere or the grand opening of a Bennigan's.

  8. Touring inside of one of the towers (which I think was also a prison. I wasn’t really paying attention, to be honest).

    I know I say this all the time, but still - Cutest. Escaped. Convict. EVER.

  9. Flyer found on our rental car.

    "Seriously. We never go out anymore. When was the last time you took me a sexy show?"

  10. Self-portrait with Rand.

    Ignore the melted snow on my shirt, which looks suspiciously like either spit or bird pooh, and concentrate on our fleeting youth and loveliness before they're gone.

P.S. – Stay tuned for tomorrow’s post, which I promise, will not include the number 10.

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