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Dec 20, 2011
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It seems like my trip to London happened ages ago, and not just a few weeks back. I was there just before Halloween, and the weather was so blissful and warm that I was walking around in a t-shirt. A t-shirt! Say what you will of global warming (and the ultimate demise of frogs, polar bears, and humans) but at least it’s made fall in Britain downright pleasant.

I spent some time down at the Occupy London protest, and walked along South Bank and across the Millennium Bridge. Don’t worry, though – I still managed to waste that sunshine by spending plenty of time indoors, too, wandering through museums and shopping. Here are some of my favorite snapshots from the trip.

  1. One-Eyed Falcon, The British Museum.

    Wanna know how it happened, kids? I'll tell ya. It was a Red Ryder BB gun, with a compass and this thing that tells time.

  2. Bashful Aphrodite, The British Museum.

    Oh, please, stop acting so surprised. You obviously posed for this.

  3. Occupy London poster.

    Remember, remember ... that David Lloyd probably doesn't make any money off of this.

  4. Invisible Man, performing near the Millennium Bridge.

    I don't know why he's giving me that dirty look.

  5. London Fruit Exchange sign, Spitalfields Market.

    Oh, thank heavens. I've been wondering where I could exchange my fruit.

  6. The art of conversation, Occupy London encampment, St. Marks.

    What? Just because a gentleman is dressed like a militant cow does not mean he can't engage in civilized conversation.

  7. Filmstrip playing in the Turbine Hall, Tate Modern.

    While I do appreciate modern art, every black and white filmstrip playing in a museum is exactly the same to me.

  8. Kate Middleton Halloween mask, Spitalfields Market.

    Why, yes, I DO regret not buying it! How did you know?

  9. Textured ceiling, British Museum.

    How many triangles can you count? Nevermind. That's an awful game.

  10. Couple walking together, Millennium Bridge.

    Me and Rand: the later years.


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  • I really like the British museum – you can literally waste an entire day there and not go through even 1/100th of their collection. Headache at the end of the day is a given but it is all worth it because you feel very civilized:)

    I am glad you enjoyed London – October was a very strange month weather wise but nobody is complaining!

  • Anne Marie

    Love Spitalfields Market. I try to get there every time I’m in London. The Up Market on Sundays near Brick Lane is really great, too. Such a wonderful city. Great picture of the British Museum ceiling.

  • Great pictures! I’m definitely going to share this.

  • mike mcbride

    love the photos, really good stories in every one but,,,,, A t-shirt? -Really? In mid-city London? Well, it’s my belief that no one is going to confide a really good insider story to you if you look like a shiny faced american, probably lift your wallet off you instead, just for giggles.

    • Everywhereist

      It was actually a blouse, but I figured that for purposes of conveying my point (that it was warm out), I would simply say t-shirt. However, that aside, London doesn’t seem as dressy as it once was (nor do New York or Rome, for that matter) and frankly, the good folks at Occupy London don’t seem to be that harsh in judging people’s attire (see: dude wearing half a cow costume). Plus, I’m fairly sure that if you are in a protest that supports one in the U.S., looking like an American isn’t the worst thing in the world.

  • Xenia

    I’m shameless, I’l admit to it, but I adore that Aphrodite is chubbier than me 🙂

    • Everywhereist

      And still totally hot, right? 🙂 TAKE THAT, SOCIETAL STANDARDS!

  • Halima Jannah

    I like the British Museum.Love this great photos. I try to be there everytime when I am in England. And all of the photos have a good story.

  • Awesome photos of London. I was there at the same time! Although the week prior to that week it was absolutely freezing cold. Didn’t realize it was so interesting by the occupy folks at St. Paul’s. I was near that area but ended up going to get a muffin instead.

  • I got up to 281 triangles and then I lost my place…I’m OCD so basically, I had to count them! Single triangles, 4-part triangles, 9-part triangles, 16-, 25-, and 36-part triangles. Right-side up and upside down. Yea. Don’t ask an OCD person to count.
    Lovely pictures by the way!

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