I hope you aren’t yet sick of hearing about our trip to Germany. I still need to tell you about the rest of that Europe excursion – we went to London and Madrid, too – as well as our jaunt to Vegas from which we’ve just returned (in a word, AMAZING. And this comes from a girl who hates Vegas). But right now, I’m not yet done thinking about Bavaria. The place is just too darn pretty – and we had too much fun – for me to get it out of my head. So I hope you don’t mind if I dwell on it, just a little bit longer.

Then I’ll you about churros and Spitalfields and neon lights and the rest of it. I promise.

But in the meantime, here are ten pictures from our trip.

1. The Neues Rathaus (New Town Hall) in downtown Munich:

One of my favorite places to pee in downtown Munich also happens to be in this building (relax: it's in a bathroom.)


2. Painted eggs, found at my dad’s house.

I think they were made of wood. Also fairly certain that my dad's pug, Anton, tried to eat them at some point.


3. Ettal Abbey, a Benedictine Monastery about an hour south of Munich, near the town of Garmisch.


4. Papst Bier (featuring the Pope), found at a gift shop across the street from the monastery.

Mmmm ... sacrilicious.


5. Walking path near King Ludwig of Bavaria’s Linderhof castle.


6. Swan, at a lake in Linderhof.

Or as they call them in German, "schwannz." (DISCLAIMER: I don't actually know if that's what they call them in German. DON'T SEND ME HATE MAIL.)


7. Ceiling of the Monopteros at the English Garden.

Underneath the roof a pair of obnoxious Americans were making out. (Okay, FINE. It was us).


8. Rand geeking out with Wil and Richard, downtown Munich.

I don't remember quite what was going on here, but this photo still cracks me up.


9. Adorable graffiti, found near the Hilton Munich Park.

I have the weirdest feeling they were made for each other.


10. Obligatory making out photo, Linderhof castle.

I have the weirdest feeling ... nah, forget it. That's too cheesy.


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Comments (12)

  1. 04. May, 2012 / A Montrealer Abroad:

    Pope beer? It’s so wrong… it’s right.


  2. 04. May, 2012 / CatCatAttack:

    Munich is only 3 hours away from bling’d out skeletons!


  3. 04. May, 2012 / Pan:

    The “making out” pictures are the cutest. Always love seeing a happy couple!


  4. 04. May, 2012 / ouida:

    I have had the most fun on this trip!


  5. 04. May, 2012 / Taryn:

    sacrilicious……now that’s a great word I haven’t heard before!

    Bavaria sure looks beautiful!


  6. 04. May, 2012 / C. Leslie Smith:


    I hate to tell you this but “schwannz” (spelled “schwantz” I believe–although not the kind of word one sees written down except in graffiti) is a colloquial way of referring to a man’s genitalia–if you catch my drift.

    Thanks for the pics, tho. I lived there a while ago, and it is good to see downtown Munich again.



    Everywhereist Reply:

    No, that pretty much sounds like EXACTLY the sort of word I would write. :)


    Johannes Reply:

    Just for calification:

    English – German
    swan – Schwan
    man parts – Schwanz (equals tail in English)


    Chillboy Reply:

    And now a for higher skill-levels,
    the back (ass) of a swan is called:
    “Schwan’s Schwanz”
    don’t confound :D

  7. 06. May, 2012 / Matthew Karsten:

    I always enjoy drinking a cold one with the Pope after a long day of sightseeing…


  8. 07. May, 2012 / Christina:

    “Stop looking at me SCHWANNNZZ!”


  9. 09. May, 2012 / Kusum:

    Hello, First time here …

    Those are beautifully painted eggs. And beer featuring POPE? Looks like you had fun trip! Thanks for sharing.


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