Nine random photos from the past nine...

9th Sep, 2009

There’s no rhyme or reason to these – I just feel like they sum up the last year and a bit … – 1. Laughing, Monterey, CA. June. – –…

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Why I Travel: Reason #17

8th Sep, 2009

Reason #17: It’s probably a bad idea if I’m left home alone. My husband travels. A lot. There are days when I forget where he’s gone. Someone will ask, and…

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The Uniform Project

7th Sep, 2009

I’m a big advocate of social responsibility and activism. Especially if it somehow involves fashion. So I was blown away by The Uniform Project, a unique fundraiser disguised as an…

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Ork Neighborhood Posters

4th Sep, 2009

Because I would like to maintain a modicum of professionalism on my blog, I am using all my willpower to refrain from writing, “OMG OMG – I WANT ONE I…

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24 hours in Cambridge

3rd Sep, 2009

During our trip to Boston, the hubby had some work to do in Cambridge. I went along, figuring I’d tour Harvard Square while he was busy. I was sort of…

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A little more than 24 hours in Boston

2nd Sep, 2009

I was in Boston ages ago. I’m getting around to this post now because … Fall is coming and New England seems a nice place to be this time of year. It was my…

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The 5 Worst Movies I’ve Ever Seen...

1st Sep, 2009

Raising Helen   Successful woman inherits brats, loses job … and is now happy?   Bad career move, Kate Stupid is as stupid does now applies to you.

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