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I once had a sweater that was, for all intents and purposes, better than I. I rarely wore it, because really, it’s difficult to don a piece of clothing that you know will outshine you.

RoundTrip’s line of vintage “upcycled” suitcases and bags (available through Etsy) sort of fall into that same category. I really want one, but then I would own a piece of luggage that just might be too hip for me.  I don’t know if my tender ego could handle that. Check them out:

Okay, so I dont actually wear enough hats to necessitate a hat box, BUT STILL. So cute.

Okay, so I don't actually wear enough hats to necessitate a hat box, BUT STILL. Desire knows no logic.

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There’s no rhyme or reason to these – I just feel like they sum up the last year and a bit …
1. Laughing, Monterey, CA. June.


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Reason #17: It’s probably a bad idea if I’m left home alone.

My husband travels. A lot. There are days when I forget where he’s gone. Someone will ask, and I’ll stare blankly for a few seconds, before answering, “Um … California?” I live terror of the idea that I’ll be involved in a car accident, after which a doctor will ask me a series of questions to make sure I haven’t completely lost it.  And he or she will ask me where my husband is, or what day it is, and I won’t have the faintest idea (because I also never know what day it is). Then they’ll lock me up someplace quiet and bring me Jell-O in plastic cups.

Which actually wouldn’t be that bad, or that undeserving. (more…)

I’m a big advocate of social responsibility and activism. Especially if it somehow involves fashion. So I was blown away by The Uniform Project, a unique fundraiser disguised as an exercise in sustainable fashion. Confused? Fear not. It’s actually quite simple:

This past spring, Sheena Matheiken vowed to wear the same dress every day for a year – she had seven identical black dresses made, one for each day of the week. Inspired by a childhood spent in Indian schools (where girls wore uniforms but still expressed their personality through fashion), and paired with an arsonage of accessories and baubles that would make any hardcore magpie drool (myself included. mops up keyboard), Matheiken has created chic, occasionally jaw-dropping ensembles.

I love this. Of course, it helps that shes cute as a bug and itsy-bitsy, but still. Its adorable.

I love this. Of course, it helps that she's cute as a bug and itsy-bitsy, but still. It's adorable.

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Because I would like to maintain a modicum of professionalism on my blog, I am using all my willpower to refrain from writing, “OMG OMG – I WANT ONE I WANT ONE I WANT ONE.” and having that be the entirety of this post.

That being said, OMG. I want one:

And now I bet you do, too.
And now I bet you do, too.


During our trip to Boston, the hubby had some work to do in Cambridge. I went along, figuring I’d tour Harvard Square while he was busy. I was sort of apprehensive to do so, because I figured rich kids with neatly parted hair, Mid-Atlantic accents, and sweaters tied around their shoulders dominated the area, and they’d spot an outsider easily. I went to a state school, on a full-scholarship, and up until now I never realized that I have a bit of a chip on my shoulder about it.

Plus, for reasons both varied and funny to me now, I’ve never seen Good Will Hunting. If I had seen it when the opportunity presented itself, I likely wouldn’t have met my husband. So now I kind of refuse to see it. (more…)

I was in Boston ages ago. I’m getting around to this post now because …

  • Fall is coming and New England seems a nice place to be this time of year.
  • It was my husband’s suggestion and I thought it might be a nice change of pace to actually heed his advice.
  • I am a lazy ass.
  • Our next trip is three weeks away, and I needed something to write about.
  • Boston has, for a variety of reason, been on my brain. (But that’s another story.)

So please ignore the fact that these photos are obviously from early spring. And also that there are huge gaps in my memory about this trip. And that I look kind of exhausted and freaked out in most of the photos. I had about 500 Jewish in-laws surrounding me, some of whom were not in any mood to ignore the fact that I am Catholic. (more…)

Raising Helen

Photo courtesy of derek7272, via

Photo courtesy of derek7272, via


Successful woman

inherits brats, loses job …

and is now happy?


Bad career move, Kate

Stupid is as stupid does

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