The View from The Harbor Court Hotel, San Francisco

31st Jul, 2012

We stayed at the Harbor Court Hotel┬áduring our last trip to San Francisco. Every afternoon they had chocolate…

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The California Academy of Sciences, San Francisco

There’s an old Cary Grant movie called People Will Talk. If you haven’t seen it, go do so…

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Inside the Walls of Facebook Headquarters, Palo Alto

30th Jul, 2012

Rand and I were in Palo Alto for work. Well, he had work. I had things to eat…

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The Week: July 27, 2012

27th Jul, 2012

I know I shouldn’t keep complaining about the freezing weather in Seattle, especially when the rest of the…

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Breakfast at the Ferry Terminal, San Francisco

26th Jul, 2012

- The other day, I read a post about a woman having breakfast at the San Francisco Ferry…

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WTF Weds: Dream Bride Wedding Day Playset

25th Jul, 2012

While wandering around Palo Alto, I spotted this toy hanging from a rack at a grocery store: -

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10 Photos From Memorial Day: Astoria, Seaside, and Portland

24th Jul, 2012

It’s grey in Seattle. And chilly. I’m sitting here in my office, contemplating grabbing a sweater. For the…

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Nostalgia in Astoria: Antique Stores and The Goonies

23rd Jul, 2012

- I’m such a sucker for old things. Whether it be grey-haired octogenarians or day-old pastries, I find…

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