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Apr 7, 2014
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Helloooo from … the east coast of the United States? Yeah, that sounds about right. It’s presently 6:40 am in Boston, is where I woke up this morning. Which means it’s afternoon in the country that we just left yesterday, and it’s not quite 4am at home. A brief equation:

[3:40 am – (5 hours of sleep) / (I really need a cookie) ] + (where did I put my clean underwear?) = I DON’T KNOW WHERE I LIVE ANYMORE.

I really shouldn’t be on the internet right now because I’m way, waaay too zonked, but I’ve gotten a few emails from people asking when I was going to post again, and I’m feeling massively guilty about that (you can take the girl out of Catholicism but you can’t take Catholicism out of the girl, you know?)

Am I rambling? I probably am. Dear god, I need a cookie. But before I do that (SEE HOW I SUFFER?) here is a preview of the Germany portion of our trip. 10 photos, courtesy of my husband’s cell phone (which means that there are actually pictures of me amongst them, in a slightly more awake state than I am now. Which, to be fair, isn’t hard to do).

I was going to make it 12 photos of Bavaria but you guys, MY COOKIE LEVEL IS TOO LOW.

I’ll be back on Wednesday with some proper posts. In the meantime, here’s a little sneak peak at what we got up to.



  2. Hanging out at Neuschwanstein Castle (which is the model for Cinderella’s castle at Disney).

  3. Crazy adorable direction sign in the Alps, near Garmisch.

  4. Anton!

  5. Taking the Alpspitzbahn tramway up the mountain in Garmisch.

  6. View looking down onto Garmisch as we ride up.

  7. Snapping a pic of Rand (while simultaneously discovering that I don’t fear heights).

  8. Cuddling up on a mountain top.

  9. Said mountaintop.

  10. A surprisingly good meal at Munich Airport before departing for Italy.

Phew. Okay – gotta run. Boston awaits.

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  • What a gorgeous place! And couple of course 🙂

  • Speaking of cookie level: I hope a post about Italian cookies is coming. Totally dieing to know what your favourites are.

  • Yay! I’m so happy to see you that posted despite being in a cookie/sleep-deprived state.

  • Janet T

    We’ve all missed you.

    Thank you for the pic of Anton- always a day brightener!

    Again, the pics of the pretzels are killing me (drool, drool) but heights make my stomach lurch, so the pics of looking down the mountain took care of that hunger pang.

    And without sounding tooooo stalker-ish, you hair is getting longer and looks lovely. ( nope, still sounds stalker-ish, sorry)

    Looking forward to new posts.

  • The view from the top is gorgeous! I love the deep blues.

  • Yes Anton! Crossing my fingers for a “from Anton’s perspective” post.

  • How do you know Anton?

  • Carrie

    Since you’re in Boston, just an FYI, its free cone day at Ben and Jerry’s!

  • Anisa

    Cool pics. Glad to have you back. You have been missed!
    I am looking forward to your upcoming Bavaria posts as I will be in Cologne
    in July and am hoping to get to Bavaria and visiting the Neuschwanstein Castle
    while I am there.

  • Rosemary

    Yes! I’m going to Neuschwanstein tomorrow, so excited to hear your thoughts!

  • Cuuute

    LOVE Bavaria!

  • Such classic Bavaria! Looking forward to reading more about the trip.

  • Oh you got to see the Neuschwanstein Castle! Its on my list! Nothing can beat Pretzels 🙂 Bavaria is defo my top destination in Europe (Okay, one of them) – sending you cookies 🙂

  • Karin

    “you can take the girl out of Catholicism but you can’t take Catholicism out of the girl,”
    Oh so true!
    Love your blog

    Greetings from Germany


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